How To Increase Pre Roll Production Efficiently For Cannabis Producers

How To Increase Pre Roll Production Efficiently For Cannabis Producers

Pre-roll joints are the new norm in the cannabis industry. Though many smokers appreciate the gratification of rolling a joint by hand and lighting it up, plenty more would prefer to save time and effort. It’s reflected across the cannabis industry. In Canada, for instance, the demand for pre-roll joints has doubled in 2022 in comparison to 2020 and 2021. Every cannabis business can benefit from stocking its shelves with pre-rolled cones. 

Here’s the thing: many businesses use the bottom-tier weed to create their pre-rolls (shake, popcorn buds, trim, etc.). There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, as it’s best to maximize profits, but consumers are looking for a quality experience without smoking weed from the bottom of a turkey bag. That means cultivators and producers should focus on their pre-roll production approach. It’s a much easier process, especially with the machinery and technological advancements; businesses must keep a keen eye on ways to maximize their production. The first step would be to reduce the amount of manual labor put into creating pre-rolls, as it simply isn’t sustainable. With pre-roll machines, there are ways to ensure that the job gets done at minimal costs.

​​How To Use A Pre-Roll Machine

There are many pre-roll machines, from personal use to industrial-sized devices. However, the process begins with selecting the flower and the cones. Many rolling paper brands have introduced lines of pre-roll cones that make it infinitely easier to roll joints. Then, the business must choose the strains they want into the cones.

For hand-rollers, they usually need to grind their weed up and pack it in the cone. Industrial and farm-sized machinery increases this process to push out pre-roll joints in an efficient manner. Some pre-roll machines, like those from Futurola, can pack up to 300 joints in two minutes, theoretically producing 9,000 joints in an hour. The Futurola Knockbox, for instance, requires someone to drop the pre-rolled cones into the upper level before gently packing them into the filling tray. After starting the machine, the operator removes the tray while the joints start to get packed. From there, it’s placing them in pre-roll packaging

Pre-roll machines are an investment, first and foremost. Although it might cost a pretty penny to purchase, it could produce 300 joints in two minutes means you’ll make that money back in no time.

The thing about pre-rolls is that there are a few things businesses must keep in mind regarding machinery and general production. For one, there will always be a higher demand for quality products made from high-grade cannabis. Secondly, no one wants to smoke a poorly rolled joint.

Most pre-roll machines typically use one of the three methods for pre-roll production: vibration, compression, and centrifugal force, arguably the most efficient method. It merges consistency and control for a solid final product preventing running or canoeing. 

Another fantastic factor in using pre-roll machines is minimizing cross-contamination of germs. Since there isn’t much manual labor (i.e., hand-rolling) involved, consumers can rest easy knowing that there haven’t been too many hands touching the cannabis. However, businesses must maintain cleanly workspaces by frequently cleaning machines. 

How to Further Increase Your Production with Grinder Machines

Another critical component in pre-roll machine efficiency is grinding the cannabis. Though it seems obvious, the texture of the ground marijuana lends itself to how a joint rolls and burns. Plus, when stems are involved, operators must remove them before being processed in a machine. 

The Futurola Shredder has several sizes to accommodate your business’s approach to grinding cannabis in bulk. The mini commercial herb shredder can break down 0.7 lbs. of flower in seven seconds. These high-performance machines are created with food-grade steel and built to help companies accelerate the process of pre-roll production. Between the Futurola Shredder and the Knockbox, businesses can pump out hundreds of pre-roll joints in minutes without straining labor costs. Futurola also has mechanical trimmers that specifically help remove stems. 

Outside of Futurola, several other brands on the market have a comprehensive collection of cannabis shredding machines to help with pre roll production. 

Bottom Line 

Any business not ramping up pre-roll production is missing out on easy profits. There’s a massive demand currently dominating legal markets in Canada and the United States. We’ve seen the tobacco industry shift from selling loose tobacco for hand-rolled cigarettes to packs of pre-rolled smokes that are far more common these days. Though it seems like a reach that the cannabis industry will follow an identical path, there are plenty of parallels that will likely transform pre-roll joints into the standard at dispensaries. 

That being said, businesses must consider expanding their production in-house at dispensaries and retail stores or cannabis producers who are inching to bring efficiency to their consumers. A grinder machine breaks down flower in a matter of seconds to the perfect texture, while a pre roll machine can produce hundreds of joints in a short period of time. 

By this point, there should be little confusion on how to make pre rolls. Grinder machines and pre roll machines are the best way to increase production without breaking the bank on labor and other additional costs. 

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