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How to Pack & Smoke The Perfect Bowl

How to Pack & Smoke The Perfect Bowl

From bongs to chillums and pipes, smoking weed through a bowl is an age-old method of consuming cannabis that stretches back centuries. However, using a bowl or a pipe to consume cannabis remains one of the most popular and trusted ways to get stoned. Still, the process isn’t as simple as chipping off a bud and adding it to the bowl. Packing a bowl properly before lighting up is integral for a smooth, even burn that maximizes the potential of your bud.

The most critical part about using a bowl to smoke is the airflow. At the end of the day, if the smoke can’t smoothly travel from the bowl through the chamber, then the chance the reap the full potency of the flower. That said, regularly cleaning your pipe or bong is integral while ensuring that the weed bowl doesn’t have a build-up of residue preventing smoke from going through.

Before leaping into how to smoke a bowl, let’s identify all the pieces of a pipe for smoking weed first.

Pipe & Bongs

Despite their size differences, pipes and bongs do share many similarities. They don’t necessarily share similar pieces since bongs require down stems and a water chamber. Sometimes, the cost of a bong can’t match that of the pipe, so many opt for smaller pieces they can use at home or on the go. However, both pipes and bongs use similar parts to ensure excellent airflow.

Standard Parts Of Pipes & Bongs

  • Bowl – The bowl is where the cannabis sits before it’s introduced to the flame. It’s a small basin on the opposite end of the mouthpiece where the flower burns.
  • Mouthpiece – Whether using a pipe or bong, the mouthpiece is where you inhale the smoke before it enters your lungs. The smoke burns in the bowl before traveling through the chamber for a perfect hit.
  • Chamber – A chamber is where the cannabis travels before going through the mouthpiece. Bongs usually have water chambers that act as a filtration system before inhaling the smoke.

Packing A Bowl 

The pleasure of smoking with a piece lies within its simplicity. While having to roll a joint or a blunt can eat a few minutes before you can smoke, pipe or bong bowls provide convenience for smokers. However, having an even burn with milky smoke is imperative whenever you want to light up. Although some would instead burn a nug into their bowl, packing a perfect bowl will elevate the experience without wasting any green goodness.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. The first step is to gather your materials — pipe, weed, lighter/wick, and preferably a weed grinder, although you can swap this for scissors or even your hands.
  2. From there, you’ll want to grind your weed or, at the very least, break it up. Rather than turning it into a fine powder-like consistency, you should grind the weed until there are still clumps of cannabis.
  3. Packing the bowl is the most crucial part. We highly recommend placing a screen at the bottom of the bowl to prevent any residual weed or ash from passing through. 
  4. The larger clumps of cannabis should sit towards the bottom of the bowl while the finely ground cannabis sits higher up. The ground weed will allow for an even burn through the entire bowl. The ground cannabis will produce a better cherry that will travel downwards in the bowl. It will also provide better airflow, contributing to an even cherry.
  5. Light up, and inhale. 

Lighting A Bowl

The most common way to light up a bowl is with a lighter, although only some enjoy this method. Understanding how to hit a bong or a pipe means realizing there are different ways to light up. The standard BiC lighters and other disposables, such as torches, are effective options that provide a trusted flame. Zippo lighters and other reusable ones could be better, despite being wind-proof. However, many smokers prefer using a hemp wick to keep their experience 100% chemical-free. The hemp wick also doesn’t produce any additional scents or flavors that you’ll usually find with a butane lighter and might compromise the terpenes and flavor profile of your cannabis. 

Should I Buy A Pipe?

We highly recommend buying a pipe if you’re looking for convenience without the hassle of rolling. Plenty of shapes and sizes are on the market, some made from ceramic, others from wood. However, the most common one for both bongs and pipes is the glass piece for weed. The incredibly versatile borosilicate glass remains resilient against heat. The glass pieces are also a bit easier to clean than other types of pipes on the market.

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