Illinois Bring-Your-Own-Cannabis Lounges Beginning To Take Off

Illinois Bring-Your-Own-Cannabis Lounges Beginning To Take Off - Marijuana Packaging

In Illinois, BYOC —bring-your-own-cannabis— is the growing trend for designated lounges currently open in DeKalb and Sesser.

Currently, Illinois state law prohibits the public use of cannabis and lounges are prohibited from dispensing their own cannabis products, but consumers can bring their own. Consume Cannabis, a dispensary in Carbondale, has submitted a business model to local regulators in the hope of becoming the state’s first retailer with an attached consumption site.

“The [Carbondale] City Council is in full support of cannabis business. Cannabis has been here since cannabis has been around,” said Steven Mitchell, Carbondale’s Economic Development Director. “Southern Illinois University got a reputation in the 1960s and ‘70s as sort of a hippie town. Lots of folks came from the Chicago area and introduced a new culture to the region, and it has remained.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposal for cannabis lounges was stalled in City Council and statewide expansions to cannabis consumption lounges and business tours failed to pass the legislature.

Alaska was the first state to approve cannabis social use sites statewide. Parts of California, Nevada, and Colorado have cannabis cafes/consumption lounges.

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