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New Dispensary Licenses On Hold In Illinois Until Court Case Is Settled

New Dispensary Licenses On Hold In Illinois Until Court Case Is Settled - Marijuana Packaging

A lawsuit by Wah Group LLC has led a judge to bar the issuance of any new dispensary licenses —including those for medical retailers— until the case is settled.

Wah is alleging the state of Illinois mistakenly excluded the company from its first licensing lottery on July 29. Wah claims state officials told the company it would qualify for the next lottery on Aug. 5, but Wah alleges that the scoring process is flawed.

Illinois plans to hold a third and final licensing lottery on Aug. 19, but Cook County Judge Moshe Jacobius has ordered the state not to award any new cannabis retail licenses until he issues a ruling. This court order means that the 185 dispensary licenses issued during the lotteries are on hold until the case is settled.

Three additional cannabis license applicants filed a separate lawsuit alleging they were excluded from Illinois’ licensing lotteries because they were wrongfully denied points due to regulators’ scoring errors.

State officials have noted that the lottery results may change based on further court orders or administrative review.

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