Three Illinois Cannabis Applicants Sue For Being Excluded From Licensing Lottery

Three Illinois Cannabis Applicants Sue For Being Excluded From Licensing Lottery - Marijuana Packaging

Justice Grown, Emerald Coast LLC, and ReNu LLC claim they’ve been wrongfully excluded from an upcoming Illinois licensing lottery. The three applicants are suing the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation claiming their applications should have received perfect scores, thus qualifying them for an Aug. 19 lottery to win a cannabis retail license. The IDFPR notified the companies on July 29 that the agency would not consider their requests to re-score their applications.

Justice Grown IL states they should have received application points as a social equity business because 51% of its employees were from Disproportionately Impacted Areas. ReNue LLC and Emerald Coast LLC both claim they should have received points for military veteran ownership. ReNue LLC additionally claims it missed points owed for being owned by Illinois residents.

The lawsuit alleges that denying them the opportunity to challenge their scores violates their constitutional right to due process. The applicants have requested a court order forcing the state to let them participate in the upcoming lottery.

IDFPR licensing lotteries are meant to improve social equity in the state’s adult-use market. Regulators plan to hold two more lotteries on Aug. 5 and Aug. 19 to award 130 additional licenses.

Justice Grown, Emerald Coast LLC, and ReNu LLC are all tied to cannabis company Justice Grown, which is led by attorney Jon Loevy, who is also an attorney of record for the lawsuit. Justice Grown is a Chicago-based multi-state operator, with cultivation in Illinois and other licenses in Missouri and Pennsylvania.

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