Child Resistant Recreational Marijuana Regulations by State for Retail Sales

Child Resistant Recreational Marijuana Regulations by State for Retail Sales - Marijuana Packaging
When considering state-compliant cannabis packaging, which feature is the most important? Maybe you’d say airtightness, as oxygen resistance is integral to extending the life of a cannabis product. Or perhaps the material of the container is important to you, since some cheap materials may not be the best choices for long-term storage. But many people, inside and outside the cannabis industry, would be quick to say that child-resistance is, without a doubt, the most crucial element of state-compliant cannabis packaging. Taking child-resistance seriously is an important step in pushing for widescale legalization, since child safety remains a major talking point among prohibitionists looking for a way to frighten lawmakers into keeping the plant illegal. The states that have legalized marijuana are constantly changing and fine-tuning their regulations, so the stipulations for child resistant packaging can be vastly different from state to state. We’ve researched the state laws and regulations regarding child resistance and compiled the information into a simple, easy-to-consult infographic. However, this is merely a snapshot of a rapidly changing legal landscape, as exemplified by California. They’ve started a grace period rule that places the responsibility of child resistant packaging on dispensaries. This all ends in 2020 when that responsibility shifts to manufacturers and producers. Do your part by investing in state compliant child resistant packaging. If you’d like to keep up to date on laws and regulations for the states that have legalized marijuana, as well as stay up to date on exclusive deals, sign up to our mailing list here. Child-Resistant-Recreational-Marijuana_111318

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