infographic-2016-presidential-candidates-on-marijuana-legalization The 2016 presidential election brings with it several hot ticket issues. While Republicans and Democrats typically stay close to their parties, the topic of legalizing marijuana has thrown an obvious wrench in the gears of the machine, gaining support on both sides of the fence. However, those aiming for a seat in the Oval Office are approaching the issue with a lot more caution, possibly in an attempt to gauge voter sentiment before fully committing to a firm stance. We analyzed each presidential hopeful's voting history on marijuana legalization, quotes on cannabis, and direct answers (or as direct as you can expect from a politician) on the subject of legal weed, both medical and recreational. With this information, we were able to analyze approximately where each candidate stood on the topics of legalizing marijuana for medical use as well as recreational use on a federal level. Prominent quotes were included to add depth to each candidate's take on a fairly complex subject. These are still early days so perspectives may change as we get closer to November 2016. If legalizing marijuana on a federal level is important to you, make sure to properly research all of the presidential candidates prior to casting your vote in 2016!
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