Midterm Marijuana Elections Are Too Close To Call

marijuana-elections-too-close-to-call According to CBS News, as marijuana advocates anticipate marijuana elections this week in states such as Oregon, Alaska, and Florida, many are feeling the heat from a close race. In Oregon, supporters have raised $7 million for Measure 91 which, if passed, would allow the state to legalize, regulate and tax recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older. Despite millions of dollars attained from donations, 46% of likely voters oppose marijuana legislation, compared to 44% who support it. The marijuana race is even closer in Alaska, where Measure 2 is too close to call, even though Alaska has the highest percentage of drug arrests for marijuana possession than any other state in America. Marijuana advocates believe that legalization efforts could be made in vain, if the younger generation of voters doesn't exercise their constitutional rights to vote and change the status quo of how marijuana is viewed on a political level. "Because it's time for a new generation that want more freedom and want to get rid of a bad and failed old-fashioned policy," one advocate said, "it's time for them to vote and lead the way."
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