In a report by Vice News, as voters in Florida take to the voting polls today, many are fearing that efforts to make Florida the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana, will fall on deaf ears. In order for Amendment 2 to be passed in Florida, 60% of voters must vote "yes" on the measure which Paul Armentano, deputy director of the marijuana legalization advocacy organization, NORML, is calling "a difficult benchmark to reach under ideal circumstances." Support for medical marijuana in recent past has wavered in the state where Republican interest and anti-marijuana sentiment is apparent in political campaign strategy. Anti-pot campaigns such as the Florida Sheriff's Association has argued that marijuana legalization would "allow any run-of-the-mill drug dealer to become a caregiver", and be irresponsible with  distribution to young children. If Amendment 2 receives the majority of vote this week in Florida, it could signal a major shift in medical marijuana reform and policy on all levels of government. In the same breath, the failure of the measure could be devastating to the patients, supporters, and voters alike who have invested their hard earned time, money, and energy into a measure that will have echoing effects in reform throughout the country. For more information, refer to the article in Vice News:
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