legalize-it This past marijuana election day(11/4/14), marked a momentous change in the ever evolving marijuana industry of the United States. Measures designed to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use, as well those that would decriminalize possession and shorten the time of nonviolent drug offenses, met their fate. Among the notables, Oregon and Alaska became the third and fourth states to legalize recreational marijuana, while Washington D.C. took a huge step in officially decriminalizing marijuana in the country's capital. Close, but no cigar still for medical marijuana advocates in Florida, who narrowly missed the mark by less than 3% of the 60% approval percentage that was needed to pass legalization in the state. Oregon (Measure 91 Passed) 
  • Makes Oregon the third state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana
  • Who? Adults 21+ can possess marijuana legally
  • How Much? 8 ounces at home and 1 ounce in public
  • Regulator: Oregon Liquor Control Commission
  • Taxes: Taxes will go to schools, law enforcement, drug prevention, and educational programs.
Washington D.C. (Initiative 71 Passed)
  • Under this bill marijuana is still illegal, although a new measure is in the works that will fix this discrepancy.
  • Who? Adults 21+ can possess marijuana legally
  • How Much? 2 ounces at home and the cultivation of 6 plants
  • Regulator: N/A
  • Taxes: System not in place yet
Alaska (Measure 2 Passed)
  • Makes Alaska the fourth state to legalize recreational marijuana
  • Who? Adults 21+ can possess marijuana legally
  • How Much? 1 ounce for possession and up to 6 plants for cultivation (no more than 3 being mature)
  • Regulator: Oregon Liquor Control Commission
  • Taxes: $50 per ounce from grower to retailer
  • Smoking paraphernalia legalized
Florida (Amendment 2 Did Not Pass)
  • Would have legalized medical marijuana for patients with debilitating diseases
  • Unlike other measures, the amendment required a 60% approval rate
  •  A majority of Floridians voted in favor of the amendment with 57%
  • Who? No age restriction
  • How much? N/A
  • Regulator: Florida Department of Health
  • Taxes: N/A
Other notable states.... California (Proposition 47 Passed)
  • Reduction of marijuana related penalties that are "nonserious and nonviolent property drug crimes" from a felony to a misdemeanor.
New Jersey (Public Question #1 Passed) 
  • Reduction of pretrial incarceration for those accused of low-level drug violations.
  • South Portland (Maine's fourth largest city) approves legal marijuana
  • Adults 21+ can possess up to an ounce
New Mexico
  • Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties approved the decriminalization of marijuana
  • Changed marijuana penalties from a criminal misdemeanor of $50-$100  fine and up to 15 days in prison to a civil infraction of $25.
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