Cannabis Friendly Campground Opens In Harrison, Maine Due To Legal Loophole

Cannabis Friendly Campground Opens In Harrison, Maine Due To Legal Loophole

When you consider going away to camp, you normally think of things such as s’mores, campfires, and fun activities. Maybe some Americans choose to dabble in cannabis smoke from their rolling papers while camping, but it’s hardly a universal camping necessity. However, at Camp Laughing Grass, it most certainly is. Trinity Madison is the owner of Camp Laughing Grass, a newly opened, marijuana-friendly campground in Harrison, Maine for those 21 and older.

Because Madison isn’t selling cannabis or running an adult-use or medical cannabis shop, the campground doesn’t fall under the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy’s jurisdiction. This loophole gives Madison the perfect pass to continue Camp Laughing Grass.

The site offers traditional campsites, cabins, along with “glamping” tents. However, the booking comes with the perk of being able to roll up and enjoy some cannabis while marshmallows roast to perfection. Madison said Camp Laughing Grass was, “not that different from a KOA (Kampgrounds of America),” the only exception was “when we find you smoking weed, we’re not going to kick you out.”

Along with the perks, there are nods to cannabis peppered throughout the decor. Campers can enjoy hemp soaps in the shape of cannabis leaves on the beds, while signs in the common area say “coffee sips and bong rips.” There are smoking tools available for purchase as well, not to mention the volcano vaporizer that turns on as soon as the coffee pot does.

Camp Laughing Grass has 10 campsites, although Madison intends to expand that to 20 by next year. The camp is also BYOB (bring your own bud), where smoking marijuana is encouraged, drinking alcohol is discouraged, and smoking tobacco is prohibited. Patrons love the camp, coming from all over to experience the cannabis-friendly community in all its glory. Camp Laughing Grass is a prime example that people are tired of the negative stigma associated with smoking cannabis. It really shines a light on the rich community, along with showing how positive cannabis culture really is. As Madison says, “Weed brings people together.”

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