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Everything You Need To Know About A Zip of Weed

Everything You Need To Know About A Zip of Weed

Cannabis lingo can be quite tricky to get used to, especially for new consumers. When discussing marijuana topics like measurements of weed or different strains of cannabis at a dispensary, a lot of slang often gets tossed around. One term that you may have heard come across is “zip.” 

Having such words thrown at you can make you feel rather disjointed during a conversation. Plus, given that there is a sea of dispensary supplies with distinct slang terms, it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed. Nevertheless, with the right information, you can quickly learn the cannabis language. 

So what exactly is a zip of marijuana? Let’s explore the definition of a zip and uncover how many grams are in a zip and how much is a zip of weed.

What is a Zip of Weed?

A zip of marijuana is a slang term used to describe a specific quantity of cannabis. It is prevalent in the United States and is a casual way to refer to an ounce of weed. Cannabis typically retails in different amounts, including grams, eighths, and ounces. A zip is one of the larger quantities and is often purchased by frequent users or those looking to share with friends or at social gatherings.

How Many Grams is In a Zip?

A zip, or an ounce of weed, is equivalent to 28.35 grams. This quantity can vary slightly depending on the specific strain and density of the cannabis plant material. In general, a zip is a substantial amount of marijuana and can last an individual user for several weeks, depending on their consumption habits.

How Much do Zips of Weed Cost?

Essentially, the cost of a zip of weed varies widely depending on different factors. These include the quality of the cannabis and the region in which it is being sold. Hence, a zip can cost anywhere from $150 to $400 or even more. Better-quality strains are more expensive, while lower-grade products cost less.

The legal status of cannabis in a particular region can also determine how much a zip of weed will cost in that location. In places where cannabis is legal, such as certain states in America, the cost of a zip may be higher due to taxes and regulations. However, purchasing from a legal source ensures that the product is regulated for safety and quality, which may justify the higher price.

Where Did the Term “Zip” Originate?

The term “zip” is believed to have originated from the United States cannabis culture. One theory is that the term comes from using dispensary weed bags called ziplock bags, to store and transport marijuana. These bags are often used to keep the cannabis fresh and to reduce the smell, making it easier to discreetly carry the product. 

They also come in various sizes, including 1 ounce weed bags, 7-gram cannabis bags,  3.5 gram eighth bags, 14-gram bags, 113-gram bags, and more. The term became synonymous with an ounce of marijuana over the years since it was the most common quantity of cannabis sold in a ziplock bag.


The term zip of weed is just one of the many slang words prevalent in the cannabis community. As marijuana continues to gain acceptance and becomes more mainstream, understanding terms like “zip” can help consumers navigate the ever-growing world of cannabis with confidence.

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