A Social Justice Brand That Grows Cannabis In Prison Launches With Help From Damian Marley, Berner, & More

A Social Justice Brand That Grows Cannabis In Prison Launches With Help From Damian Marley, Berner, & More

A new cannabis brand called EVIDENCE is making a change when it comes to cannabis reform in America. The brand, which was started by parent company Ocean Grown Extracts, opened up a grow in an abandoned prison in Coalinga. California.

The brand was launched with the help of Damian Marley, Berner, Nabil Elderkin, and other celebrities and cannabis entrepreneurs. EVIDENCE uses police-style evidence bags for cannabis packaging. The point of the bags is to highlight the fact that consumers are buying cannabis legally, while millions are sitting in jail or are hindered in life by marijuana convictions. $1 from every sale EVIDENCE makes gets contributed to the Last Prisoner Project to help with reform.

Co-Founder Casey Dalton said, “We grow weed at a prison to get people out of prison for growing weed.”

“Evidence and Last Prisoner Project both stand for a very honorable cause,” added Damian Marley. “With Last Prisoner Project, through the work that they’re doing in trying to get people who are incarcerated for cannabis out of jail, and EVIDENCE through being a brand that is helping to support that same movement. To me, it was a victory to be able to turn a facility that was once a place of despair, doom, and gloom, into something that is now a place of joy and healing. We are proud to be a part of that.”

For the 50th anniversary of the War on Drugs, EVIDENCE released a collaboration between Marley and the creative director of the brand, Nabil Elderkin. Elderkin has directed music videos for artists such as Frank Ocean, John Legend, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. The video was also produced by co-founder Dan Dalton. Check it out below.

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