Cannabis Marketing 101: How to Get Off The Ground

Cannabis Marketing 101: How to Get Off The Ground

As the cannabis scene continues to expand exponentially, statistics show that the marijuana market is expected to have a gross net sum of $166 billion globally by 2025! Talk about an oh-so-exciting industry to be a part of and now is the time! As marijuana marketing has had its ups and downs throughout the legalization of our beloved plant in this dynamic industry it has been hard for many companies to nail down the best tactics when it comes to marketing in the cannabis industry. 

So many questions and concerns have been circling cannabis marketing as growers, distributors, producers, and dispensaries try to navigate the world of compliant cannabis packaging and build a brand from the ground up. Understanding trends and what it takes to create a name within the cannabis business social network is a full-time job in itself. 

This article contains the information your cannabis company needs to build and continue to grow from proper marijuana marketing strategies to cannabis dispensary branding, and straight-up building your cannabis company from the ground up in the cannabis business social network! Do you need dispensary marketing help and are curious about how to build a brand fast? Not to worry! You can thank me later. 

So let’s get started… It has been a tough road for cannabis marketing as many popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter have refused to uplift post restrictions in regards to THC and even some CBD products. What cannabis companies on the rise can’t do is sit around and wait for the regulations to possibly turn in their favor. Let these marijuana marketing tactics serve as a manual to navigate your business and branding as best as humanly possible! 

The Importance of SEO Tactics and Techniques in Cannabis

We hear this word often when it comes to marketing cannabis and just marketing in general, SEO! What is it and how can we use this writing technique to benefit and grow our brand? SEO is also known as search engine optimization, understanding this technical term can help you increase your cannabis digital marketing presence immensely. 

Considering that Google doesn’t recognize keywords about cannabis it can be hard to get traffic flowing to your website, blogs, etc. The secret behind this detour is to invest in a website and blog that not only provides helpful tools for the consumer but also links your company to popular directories and creditable cannabis market sites. Some of the sites include Leafly, Weedmaps, and Jane, and directories like YELP! This golden rule will boost your online presence in the cannabis marketing sector to an exceeding degree. 

Key Steps to Take to Increase your Search Engine Preference Include: 

•    Create Helpful Cannabis Content: You are not in this alone! We all have questions regarding the complexity of this magical plant. Whether it is learning the chemistry behind the extraction process, or how to produce bigger roots for clones faster, there is so much we have yet to learn and so many different roads, growers, distributors, and consumers can take! 

•    Invest time and money into your website: Your website is the heartbeat of your brand. It is the space where consumers can hear your voice and get to know your products. Not to mention, it is your main platform for your cannabis retail marketing. Some key ingredients that your website should include are as follows: contact information, locations, hours, live menu, and promotional cannabis products. Note: Provide a blog here, so people can join in on the experience and stay updated through email marketing and SMS!

•    Get name-dropped in directories. The main directories are Google My Business and Yelp, so your local fan base can find you as easily as possible! Cannabis-related directories include the ever-popular Leafly and WeedMaps, to name a few. 

•    Engaging and Encouraging Customer Reviews: Many businesses rely heavily on customer reviews, especially new cannabis consumers. This is cannabis marketing gold and a cannabis marketing tactic you NEED to capitalize on. Stay active and consistent on review sites, so consumers can build trust in your products and provide you UGC and social proof.

Being versatile on the web will make you easier to find and easier to love and adore! These techniques help you build a name for your brand and the local loyalty that keeps cannabis consumers coming back.  

Holding a Social Media Presence 

This is quite possibly the most beneficially direct and effective way of marketing in the cannabis industry. Even though you’re not able to “rep your brand” using promotional cannabis products, these platforms provide the best way for you to target your audience. A brilliant form of cannabis and dispensary marketing are platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. These social media outlets give your company a leg up in third-party validation through sharing and tagging of videos and photographs. 

Each social media platform has its terms and regulations when it comes to posting “weed social media”. Even though you are unable to pay for advertising cannabis, building your online presence through these online platforms outlets is brilliant for social media marketing for dispensaries, cannabis retail items, and creative cannabis content! Cannabis social media marketing is arguably the BEST way to increase traction for your brand and grow awareness of your company. 

Cross Promotions with Vendors and Brands 

Outside of advertising cannabis on social media and through your website, cross-promotions with vendors and brands are a great form of cannabis marketing! You can not only split marketing costs but teaming up is a great way to expand your brand. Whether you are teaming up for a trade show, cross-promoting through email and social media sites, as well as co-marketing exclusive products with a vendor this will help expand your audience. 

Marketing in the cannabis industry can be tough to do on your own especially if you are starting from the ground up. Linking up with other local brands to create personal and versatile custom cannabis products expands the reach of your audience and is a great marijuana marketing technique. Link up, spread the word, and share the love! 

Making The Right “Canna-ctions”

Putting a face to your brand encourages buyers and consumers to want to smoke and work with you. There are so many cannabis conventions and cannabis industry events that draw in immense crowds of like-minded growers, consumers, and distributors, you name it. Not to mention it is a great way to get creative and learn more about the versatile options available within the industry. Attending cannabis conventions and events almost makes marketing marijuana look easy! 

By attending cannabis marketing campaigns you grow your brand, knowledge, and name locally and exponentially. Furthermore, curious as to how to increase dispensary sales? Investing in billboards is an old-school and sure-fire way to get locals and consumers to your product! Start local with booth community appearances to build a presence in your area. 

Advertising cannabis on social media is important, but building your brand locally and at the source where it is grown builds a “cann-ection”. Custom branded cannabis packaging can shine a huge light on consumers buying from their local dispensaries and beyond. An all custom compliant cannabis packaging is a creative way to stand out and engage consumers. 

Having Brand Ambassadors and Digital Ad Buying

Lastly, advertising marijuana through word of mouth and brand ambassadors is key to building a cannabis brand from the ground up! What does your brand have to offer that is unique to the smoking experience? Having the right brand ambassadors posting about your sustainable cannabis packaging or all-organic farming methods and full-spectrum live resin helps consumers believe in your brand. 

Reaching out to publications directly to secure ad space is a nice alternative to the fact that many social media platforms are not uplifting regulations and terms. Companies that hold immense value within the cannabis industry can provide cost-efficient ad space for your growing brand. Some platforms to consider buying cost-effective ad space are as follows: 

•    Leafly

•    High Times

•    Weedmaps 

•    Mantis 

•    Marijuana Business Daily 

•    TrafficRoots

•    KushClicks 

•    Adistry

 A Final Word In Marketing In The Cannabis Industry 

Building a brand and navigating marketing in the cannabis industry is no easy feat, being versatile and consistent in your cannabis marketing techniques is key to growing your audience with efficiency, speed, and loyalty. Starting simple through investing in dispensary website design to formulate a fan base in the dispensary marketing and marijuana sector will give your audience a place to understand the basics. While cannabis brand marketing through ambassadors, other brands and vendors will allow consumers to engage with your up-and-coming cannabis company product promotions. 

Custom cannabis dispensary branding draws attention and uniqueness to your product as does being present in the community and campaigns within the industry. The important thing is to START! Whether you are expanding your voice locally or on a large scale let consumers know about the amazing smoking experience your cannabis brand has to offer. Get creative with your cannabis marketing and expand your brand, so we can all enjoy life a little bit more. 


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