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Cannabis Packaging for Different Audiences

<strong>Cannabis Packaging for Different Audiences</strong>

The cannabis industry has changed drastically in recent years. It has grown from an illegitimate underground market to a billion-dollar sector. Similarly, the marijuana community is also evolving as people who were once skeptical about the substance are learning how beneficial it can be. Consequently, this has forced brands to reevaluate their marketing and packaging strategies to accommodate the newfound fanbase. 

Nowadays, cannabis consumers are a diverse group spanning multiple generations. For this reason, brands should employ appropriate marketing efforts to appeal to all consumers. Since cannabis packaging is pivotal in attracting customers, marijuana producers and distributors should work toward creating packaging that piques the interest of all their customers.

Packaging For Various Types of Cannabis Consumers

Increased legalization of cannabis has taken away the stigma related to the substance. Hence, consumers have become more open with their cannabis use. Here’s a guide to help you better understand the various types of tokers and how to package your cannabis in a way that caters to their distinct tastes.

Marijuana Packaging For Stoners 

Typically, stoners partake in cannabis to enjoy the euphoric feeling it induces. As a result, smoking cannabis is habitual for stoners, causing most of them to source the substance in large quantities. Therefore, when packaging cannabis for stoners, you’ll need to use large containers that can hold considerable amounts of products. 

Furthermore, most stoners don’t respond well to traditional advertising. Hence, you’d be better off utilizing modern and minimalistic branded cannabis packaging designs. Similarly, stoners often look for portable and durable packaging when shopping for weed to ensure their products remain fresh for longer. 

Packaging For Creative Weed Consumers 

Creative smokers comprise artists who consume cannabis to enhance their artistic performance. They include performers, writers, musicians, and more. Even so, programmers and developers who seek that cerebral high also fall into this category. 

So, what kind of packaging do creative smokers prefer? Simply put, inspirational. Creative smokers are more likely to be drawn to weed packaging that evokes inspiration. Therefore, colorful packaging with awe-inspiring designs and exciting patterns will often do the trick. Learning the psychology of packaging can go a long way in helping you come up with the best solutions for this group of marijuana consumers. 

Medical Cannabis Packaging For Patients 

Medical cannabis patients are perhaps the most selective group of marijuana consumers. They often follow a prescription provided by a medical professional, meaning they don’t have time to try different strains or explore products. 

As a result, you should treat medical cannabis just like pharmaceuticals treat medicine. Avoid bright and cheerful branding, as they are only for recreational cannabis. Moreover, ensure you include compliant medical marijuana labels and use big, clear typography for crucial product information. 

Furthermore, glass is the best material for medical marijuana since it preserves cannabis and keeps it pristine. Adding a child-resistance mechanism and an airtight seal will give your packaging a professional look. Consequently, this will help your company earn consumers’ trust, which is significant in marketing your cannabis brand

Weed Packaging For Cannabis Connoisseurs 

Cannabis connoisseurs are all about getting the best experience possible. They invest heavily in premium smoking accessories and seek out lesser know and obscure weed strains. Therefore, cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for elevated experiences.

For this reason, you’ll need to use premium cannabis packaging to entice cannabis connoisseurs. They are generally demanding and are only out to get the best. You’ll need to invest in unique cannabis packaging that pushes the boundaries. 

Premium materials and top-of-the-line materials are the way to go when attracting cannabis connoisseurs. Special die-cut packaging and luxury finishes will help differentiate your brand from the competition and make it a household name in the market. 

Cannabis Packaging For Millennials 

Millennials are typically people born between the late ’80s and early 2000s. They were the first young generation in a technologically advanced world, which made them willing to adopt a new way of life. 

Social media has been a significant part of the millennial generation. Therefore, if you’re starting a cannabis brand that caters to them, you must ensure your custom packaging designs can easily be advertised on social media and your website. This means having bright colors and intriguing shapes and designs. 

Most millennials prefer a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that exudes a premium feel. What’s more, many people from this generation are environmentally conscious. Therefore, using sustainable materials goes a long way in attracting them to your brand. 

Marijuana Packaging For Generation X 

Generation X comprises people born between the ’60s and ’80s. Despite being people with careers and families, more and more Gen Xers are turning to cannabis to aid in mental health and wellness. However, traditional weed packaging just won’t cut it for such consumers. 

The best cannabis packaging solutions for Gen Xers are more discrete and minimalistic designs, ideally with matte finishes. Gen Xers usually prefer to avoid flashy packaging with intricate patterns and symbols. You are more likely to attract them with simple designs with unique additions and effects. 

Cannabis Packaging For Generation Z

Gen Z is the generation with the youngest cannabis consumers. For this reason, picking out the best marijuana packaging for Gen Z weed users is a unique experience. You may have to consider rebranding to ensure you attract this demographic. This is because cannabis has been legal in some form for most of their lives, and they have extensive knowledge about the substance. Of course, you should only target those who are of legal age to consume cannabis, which would be the oldest in Gen Z.

Numerous Gen Z interests revolve around influencers and celebrities. Therefore, common preferences for their cannabis packaging include bold shapes, flashy colors, and outstanding designs.

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