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CBD Product Branding for Pet Products

CBD Product Branding for Pet Products

Only recently have scientists had access and resources to research the cannabis plant properly. Though it’s no secret that cannabis has medicinal benefits, not everyone knows the extent of its powers. 

There is still research needed to understand the gravity of how cannabis can heal. It’s medication for anxiety and depression, as well as aiding with the side effects of chemotherapy. CBD has proven to be a tremendous therapeutic cannabinoid without the psychoactive effects. It seems increasingly common to find CBD products on shelves across dispensaries and even pharmacies in some instances. We know that a demographic of non-cannabis smokers is liking CBD. 

Surprisingly, people aren’t solely interested in the effects of CBD on themselves and their loved ones. There’s a rise in pet owners who are using CBD as medication for their animals.

A 2019 study conducted by the American Pet Products Association revealed that over a third of dog and cat owners are likely to prefer CBD-based products for their pets. In the same study, 11% of dog owners and 8% of cat owners revealed they used CBD products and treats on their pets. At this rate, the CBD pet products sector could witness a CAGR of 12% between 2022-2027, thanks to the increasing curiosity about all-natural products.

Why Start A CBD Brand 

One of the most significant new trends in the cannabis industry right now is CBD pet products. So, if you’re already in the CBD business or have considered starting a CBD brand, perhaps there’s no better time than now to focus on this niche market. 

According to Eco Gen BioScience, the CBD market size is rapidly growing towards $4.79B by 2028. In five years, the CBD market will have grown exponentially, so now is the time to jump onto the growing trend. You and your business can lead the charge through excellent customer service, quality products, and correct branding.

What Type Of CBD Pet Products Can We Create?

The cannabis industry is vast, and products on the market reflect a wide range of options for customers. Similarly, pet care infused with CBD comes in various forms, though not as many as those available for their human owners.

  • Oil Drops – Tinctures are one of those products that cannabis consumers can’t get enough of. However, pets can also easily consume liquids packaged in CBD dropper bottles. For pets, CBD oil drops are perfect for helping with hip or joint support and relieving any bodily stress. Plus, it’s easy to add foods with flavors similar to salmon, bacon, chicken, and other meats.
  • Soft Chews – Soft chews are undoubtedly an excellent choice for edibles but for animals, they can be just as beneficial for digestion and skin care, among other issues. Plus, they can be formed into various shapes.
  • Lotions/Balms – Lotions and balms can provide incredible skin and coat care support. From sprays to shampoos, the rising trend of CBD pet care has led to more options that could help with pet skin care.
  • Powders – Though not the most exciting option, powders are a great way to create formulas catered to specific needs. Whether formed into a capsule or loose powder, it’s an excellent option to add to pet food for the desired results. 

Businesses should also provide their customers with CBD storage tips to maximize their products’ shelf life. 

First Steps

One of the first steps toward creating a viable CBD pet product brand is to find the right source. Finding pure and ethically sourced CBD can be challenging, but it’s a critical aspect of the process. From there, it’s best to launch an online store. With eCommerce dominating the business world, launching an online store is the best way to reach your customers. Sometimes, it’s best to consider the option of white labeling. It’s an effective means of adapting to financial and time restraints, especially when starting.

Marketing Your Products

It’s critical to consider the marketing aspect of any cannabis product entering the market, from packaging for cannabis and CBD to your online presence. However, these strategies are critical for CBD pet products, particularly among those who aren’t familiar with their benefits. You could help bring more eyes to your products through content marketing and influencer partnerships. At the same time, providing discounts and paid advertisements will also attract more customers.

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