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Dispensary Security – All You Need To Know

Dispensary Security – All You Need To Know

By identifying your weak spots, you could maximize the potential of dispensary security.

Most home and businesses in America equip their homes with a security system. It puts the minds of home and business owners at ease, especially when storing valuable items. So, every dispensary needs security systems in place, but it’s not solely for the theft of physical objects. With online payments and different payment methods, cyber security is equally essential to a functional cannabis operation.

There are six high-risk areas for owning a dispensary: internal theft, cybersecurity, break-ins, robbery, delivery, and shoplifting. Dispensaries need to cover their bases to prevent any of these from happening. Though cannabis is a lucrative industry, cash transactions make dispensaries susceptible to theft — more than your average business. Add to the fact that there’s an influx of cybersecurity threats that exist nowadays, and the number of threats is nearly inescapable. Data breaches are becoming more common, and privacy concerns are at an all-time high.

That’s why cannabis security is a necessity in every cannabis business, whether a dispensary or ancillary operations. Phishing scams and break-ins remain common, so it’s necessary to prioritize marijuana security solutions. 

Below, we’ve broken down the necessary security requirements for dispensaries to help smooth each transaction and keep your staff and customers safe from crime.

Physical Dispensary Security

Protecting physical assets is critical to ensuring that each day runs smoothly. As the current federal laws inhibit cannabis businesses from legally using banking institutions, there’s a heavy reliance on cash-only transactions. It’s not a huge surprise, but it’s a vulnerable point for many cannabis businesses.

Firstly, it’s necessary to analyze your business and its points of weakness, from the cannabis security and technology systems used to the displays of your products on the shelves. Are the surveillance systems reliable? Is there enough security on staff? Finding the right security system can equip your business with glass-break detectors, motion detectors, and panic buttons that could ensure the safety of your team.

To secure the businesses, the best place to start is with surveillance cameras inside and outside your store. Though high-resolution cannabis security surveillance can be costly, it’s an expense that will undoubtedly keep your business safe from robberies and theft. At the same time, these also help identify license plates and faces of those who might breach the dispensary’s security. 

Another critical factor is using the proper lighting inside and outside your business. The lighting assists with the surveillance cameras, especially in identifying potential. Motion-activated lights are also an incredible option similar to an alarm system. Though they won’t alert the police, it will at least illuminate the area if any intruder attempts to break into your store. Also, using fences to surround your business can help amplify the assistance of using lighting to identify anyone trying to break in. Having that extra security can go a long way.

Another major factor for businesses is hiring a dispensary security guard — an armed one, to be specific. When B&Es and brazen attacks on businesses are at an all-time high, having a licensed security guard who can legally bear arms is a deterrent to anyone attempting to steal from your shop.

Finally, purchasing solid and secure locks and storage is critical. Cannabis businesses often keep inventory in their stores. Along with the influx of cash transactions, there’s a high level of vulnerability that each company faces. Purchasing safes and vaults, along with high-security doors and locks, allows you to breathe more manageable when you aren’t at your store. However, operators should note that doors and locks must follow compliant codes. 

Cannabis Security Plan For Cybersecurity

We’ve broken down the numerous ways to secure your business from physical threats, but cybersecurity concerns exist. Unfortunately, there are many concerns about marijuana security online due to patient privacy information. Using Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the best ways to ensure that there are limited password breaches and phishing attacks. MFA is a sure way of creating essential security requirements for dispensaries, their customers, and any eCommerce transaction, whether dispensary supplies or cannabis products. This aspect is crucial for securing your website. Along with using a Web Application Firewall and regular scans for potential hacks, having an MFA for your website with a Secure Socket Layer certification provides operators and customers relief with each transaction. 

Taking preventive action is critical when learning how to open a dispensary, especially online. These safety procedures require protecting your network from regular audits, Wi-Fi protection, and anti-virus software. In addition, using Data Loss Prevention tools can also protect private information. 

Finally, it’s essential to make sure you train your employees to identify any potential threats to your stores, either physical or digital. At the same time, it’s in the company’s best interest to only provide minimal permissions to employees so they can only access the necessary information, such as Point-Of-Salt software and other programs regularly used.

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