Holiday Trends For Christmas Cannabis Shoppers

Holiday Trends For Christmas Cannabis Shoppers

Regardless of what the famous holiday song says, more and more people are dreaming of a green Christmas these days (if you know what I mean). A poll commissioned by vertically integrated cannabis company Jushi Holdings shows that 90% of cannabis consumers in states with legalized marijuana plan to include cannabis as part of their holiday celebrations – both gift-giving and celebrating the season.

A high percentage of cannabis consumers in adult-use states plan to consume cannabis during their holiday celebrations this year,” said Jim Cacioppo, Jushi’s founder and CEO. He added that polls such as this one allow them to gain valuable insight into the purchasing habits and trends of adult-use cannabis consumers.

One thousand adults from states with legalized recreational marijuana who regularly purchase and use cannabis from a dispensary or delivery service were surveyed. About a fourth of the respondents said they spend between $50 and $100 per month on cannabis products. A slightly higher percentage (26.5%) spend $100 to $150. Just over a third (33.9%) said they typically spend $150 or more per month on weed. A whopping 91% said they intended to include cannabis as part of their holiday celebrations among all respondents.

When asked about several aspects of their marijuana shopping habits, more than half favored shopping in person at a dispensary. Almost 24% preferred ordering online before picking up curbside or at the dispensary. Nearly a fifth said their favorite way to shop for cannabis was buying online for home delivery.

Almost two-thirds of those polled said marijuana edibles were their favorite cannabis products. Just over half prefer cannabis flower and nearly as many (46.2%) enjoy vapes – almost equal to the 44.5% who said marijuana pre-rolls were their favorite types of cannabis products. (Polled respondents were allowed the option to choose more than one answer for the question).

THC potency and price were the top factors for deciding on a purchase. Nearly 38% wanted to buy from a trusted brand, and almost a third prioritized the strain of cannabis.

Cacioppo says it’s critical to track expanding consumer populations and their evolving shopping habits. He added that Jushi would continue to utilize data such as its holiday cannabis survey and share the data with the larger cannabis community.

“Harnessing the power of research, data, technologies, and processes is like popping the hood on the industry and understanding how it fundamentally works so that operators can best service their markets,” said Cacioppo.

Given that 75.6% of those surveyed planned to give cannabis or marijuana-related products, such as dispensary supply products like pipes and rolling papers, as gifts this holiday, it seems likely we can all expect some weed in our stocking. Additionally, nearly nine out of ten respondents said they would be more likely to purchase cannabis gifts if marijuana were legal across the United States. If a cannabis-green Christmas translates to a money-green Christmas, it could prompt federal legalization to spread like holiday cheer.

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