How to Make Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

How to Make Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

Rolling papers have been around since smoking itself. You would be hard-pressed to find a smoker who has never used a rolling paper, even once. Tobacco and cannabis consumers alike know the incredible smoking experience papers provide. Rolling papers have always been popular, but as marijuana legalization expands, rolling papers continue to be more beloved than ever. 

Many want to start a business centered around cannabis production, and rolling papers are a fantastic way to tap into the industry. Due to this popularity, they are a great product to build a brand around. However, starting a brand can be daunting. Steps are required to ensure your business starts as smoothly as possible, and we are here to help. Here are the fundamentals you’ll need to create your very own rolling paper brand. 

A quick disclaimer: Before starting a rolling paper brand, ensure everything you do complies with your state laws and guidelines. Your customers will be able to enjoy your products, and you will enjoy creating them while being above board. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into the fun stuff!

Decide What The Target Market for Your Papers Are

While creating your product immediately is tempting, the first process when thinking about how to start a rolling paper business is planning your target market. The customer base you want to create rolling papers for will be the building block of every business decision you make. Ask yourself: What age of consumers do we want to buy our rolling papers? What is the aesthetic we want our brand to emulate? What is our color palette for packaging? What kinds of retailers do we want carrying the rolling papers? What style will attract customers to our brand? 

Questions like these will give you a clear picture of the customers you want to target. A consumer in their 60s who has rolled the same joint style for decades will have different needs than a consumer in their 20s who wants to experiment. Both deserve space in the market, and your brand gets to decide what demographic you cater to. 

How to Make Rolling Paper

After you have decided on your target market, the next question is how to make rolling papers. The rolling papers themselves will be what create repeat customers, so they have to be high-quality. Okay, they don’t have to be, but it’ll help your business if they are! 

When wondering “how to create my own rolling papers?” it might seem like a daunting task. One option is to purchase unbranded papers from a supplier. Many suppliers will work closely with your brand to provide you with the rolling papers you need. Remember the target markets? This will come into play when choosing your rolling papers. If you are a company focusing on health, offering organic papers is a must. Papers like hemp or rice are optimal for health-conscious consumers. If your brand appeals to customers who want to try new things and experiment, offering flavored rolling papers could be the route for you! Find a supplier who fits your needs.

While there isn’t a huge list of ingredients that go into rolling papers, working with a product to create your own formula will go a long way. If your brand has the resources to produce your own, find a lab to work with you to create your formula! You can market your formula and also have a unique rolling paper design. 

Branding and Packaging

Custom rolling papers are what will set your rolling paper brand apart. In a saturated market, your branding and packaging styles make you stand out. Branding and packaging are vital components that work together to give your brand name recognition and keep customers coming back for me. The best rolling paper brands have recognizable packaging stamped with their brand, and your company should be no different! 

Many suppliers offer unique packaging that they will customize for you. Once you have your brand name, logo, emblem, and overall design, you can have it printed on many kinds of packaging. Packaging options like cardboard packs, boxes, or plastic containers can bear your brand. Additionally, you can use your branding logo on other items if you expand your product line!

When thinking about how to make your own rolling papers brand, please don’t skip the incredibly important step of taking that brand and physically translating it to packaging. 

Sell Your Rolling Papers

Now that you’ve reached the finish line, it’s time to sell your rolling papers! Knowing the steps to do this is essential for creating your own rolling paper brand. Many new companies start with online retailers. That may be creating your own website that solely focuses on offering your rolling papers. If you are alright with handling everything from running a website to customer service to shipping the product, this might be your choice. Online retail might also be finding an online retailer to carry and sell your products. This removes some of the work you would have to do as long as the website gets a small sales percentage. 

In-personal retail space should also not be overlooked. The world has been trending toward online consumerism, but often customers want to see and touch their products physically. Start local with a small head shop or smoke shop willing to sell your papers. You can run specials or discounts by partnering with dispensaries. If you want to branch out, keep marketing your brands to retailers and customers. The more retailers carry your papers, the more business you will get! 
One of the final steps to selling your brand is to keep exploring new product options. You may want to consider how to make your own pre-rolled cones to add to your loose-leaf papers. If you start your company with pre-rolled cones, you might want to try making rolling machines or other smoking accessories. You can keep growing and expanding your business by using rolling papers as a fantastic start product. And hey, if you want to produce only rolling papers for the rest of your days, we can’t blame you. This timeless product will never go out of style.


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Such a glorious way to market papers but how do you make them?

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How can I start my own rolling paper brand ?..also want to know how much capital we want to start a brand and how to invest the capital to start our own brand

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