How to Start a Successful Cannabis Brand

How to Start a Successful Cannabis Brand

So you want to get into the canna-business? It is safe to say that this booming industry isn’t all “high”-pe, but is here to stay! Now is the perfect time to build a brand from the source and get your name on the shelves, so consumers can enjoy your product. Cannabis branding has come a long way in a short time and with the changes in regulations within the legal dynamics of the industry knowing how to start a cannabis brand compliantly and creatively correlates directly to your future success. 

By following these four steps inspired by the TOP weed brands in the industry you will come to find a deep understanding of compliant cannabis branding and ultimately have a feel for “how to successfully sell weed” in today’s booming market! Starting your own weed brand in an extremely regulated industry can be rather intimidating. There are many aspects to manage from sourcing or growing your own cannabis to compliant child-resistant packaging for weed and all the in-betweens. Creating a brand that expresses a clear vision and the uniquely curated smoking experience that you want for your consumers is very possible. Let this four-step guide on cannabis branding be a beacon of hope that propels you in being the mastermind behind branded weed.

Let’s get started! 

The Four Key Steps on “How to Make My Own Weed Brand” 

•    Select Your Weed Brands Target Audience 

•    Cannabis Packaging Consistency and Compliance 

•    Social Media Launch 

•    Retail Brand Launch

Step 1: What is Your Weed Brand’s Target Audience?

The best cannabis brands have a clear vision of their voice and target audience. You can’t just assume your weed is for every single cannabis consumer out there. You first have to select a perhaps broad or more intimate target audience. Though cannabis branding was once a more “male-dominated” leaning industry this couldn’t be further from the truth now. In fact, “A 2022 report by Eaze found that—of the new customers that consumed in 2021—48% were female and 52% were male.” Not to mention the wide expansion of age cohorts within cannabis consumption ranging from ages 18 to 80+. 

Pinpointing your target audience is a key ingredient to the “how to make my own weed brand” pie! This is an amazing opportunity for you to get creative with your cannabis branding style and other promotional cannabis products. Perhaps you envision your brand representing all organic sun-grown products by local family farmers or you would like to target eco-friendly health-conscious cannabis consumers? Maybe your branded weed is intended for a higher age cohort wanting to consume more CBD for arthritis, regardless branding your cannabis packaging to seek the attention of select consumers is what the top marijuana brands do!  Draw focus on what sets your business and brand apart in relation to your specific audience.

Step Two: Cannabis Packaging Consistency and Compliance 

Staying Compliant and Standing Out! Of course, there are state-by-state rules and regulations to abide by. This can surely add to the anxiety of building a brand, but the truth is all the best weed brands in the business have found a way to navigate the industry successfully, and trust me they had a little help. When building a successful brand in any industry you can’t do it alone and fortunately, you don’t have to! Customizing your own weed bags and product packaging through a reputable company keeps your product consistent, compliant, and competitive in the cannabis market.

Companies such as Marijuana Packaging have become a beacon of hope for weed brands wanting to keep a competitive and creative edge throughout the ever-changing dynamics of cannabis packaging compliance. Some companies in cannabis have in-house design teams that tailor to your custom cannabis branding dreams. This decision can make or break your canna-business and should not be left up to chance. 

The compliant child-resistant mylar cannabis bags, unique logo design options, tamper-proof labels, and intricate custom packaging selection combined with high-quality printing will help you build and maintain a compliant cannabis brand you are proud of. Do not cut corners when it comes to packaging. This is your best opportunity to compete with other popular weed brands for shelving space and the consumer’s attention. Have fun with options and create a unique smoking experience that begins with the color, design, and packaging of your product. 

Step Three: Social Media Launch 

Once you have completed and finalized the state-approved cannabis branding and packaging process. Your main focus should switch over to the social media aspects surrounding building your brand and following. Considering the legality of cannabis some platforms have their own restrictions on what can and cannot be posted/sold. For example, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter all have separate rules to follow when posting cannabis content. 

Building your knowledge for certain platforms on social media and focusing on your weed brand’s local voice will be huge as you begin to expand your brand. Some key tactics to focus on when launching a brand through social media are listed below in no particular order. 

How To Make My Own Weed Brand SkyRocket Through Social Media Platforms

•    Do cross-promotions with other companies and brands to build a following

•    Attend local cannabis community events. 

•    Build a website and consistent blog tagging prestigious cannabis companies such as Leafly, WeedMaps etc. 

•    Master SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword writing tactics. 

•    Hire brand ambassadors to put a face to your brand!

•    Add your brand to directories such as Yelp and Google My Business, so your local fan base can find you easily. 

•    Invest in Ad buying space in top cannabis company sites. For example, HighTimes provides cost-effective space for ads and has a huge fan base. 

•    Stay consistent with replying and asking for reviews of your product to build an online representation and presence. 

Step Four: Retail Brand Launch

Time for the retail launch portion of your cannabis brand!  This step entails your marketing strategy and displays, as well as securing shelf space at dispensaries. The two main focuses are the price point of your product and the quality. You can provide sample jars for cannabis and marketing materials that help the budtender and buyers remember your product’s name, vision, and story. Use your packaging and samples to educate and inform budtenders and consumers of the smoking experience your brand offers. 

Your product will then be categorized as one of the premium high end weed brands or evaluated using a tier system. Dispensaries have in mind who they are trying to cater to depending on the demographic in their location’s area and consistent consumers/buyers. This is why knowing your target audience and having a clear vision of your cannabis branding is so important. Creating a display that speaks to your target audience using packaging that stands out and illustrates a story will help build traction throughout the marketing process. Many cannabis brands look to the beauty industry for inspiration in cannabis branding.

Educating your budtender and local community on your brand and vision is key to knowing how to start a cannabis brand successfully. Good weed brands don’t just assume their product is for “everybody” they take time to research for background information before building their unique brand. They take an interest in their local cannabis community events, co-promote with other brands to build a following, work with other companies that know cannabis compliance and specialize in custom packaging. Following these four key steps will not just show you how to brand your weed, but will help you build a brand and company that is successfully stable and can to grow and evolve with the industry for many seasons to come. 


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