LeafLink Expands Into Three New States

LeafLink Expands Into Three New States

A unified B2B cannabis platform, LeafLink is expanding its logistics services. Initially launched in Michigan, LeafLink will extend into California, Massachusetts, and Oregon. This expansion increases the growth across North America’s legal cannabis markets. LeafLink is trusted by more than 10,000 cannabis businesses to transact $430 million+ in payment volume per year and $4.6 billion+ in wholesale commerce. Company estimates are the 42% of U.S. wholesale cannabis orders go through LeafLink.

Since its inception, LeafLink’s logistics network — the largest in the cannabis industry — has delivered over $325 million a year in wholesale cannabis orders. LeafLink’s logistics offerings are tailor-made to each market and geared specifically for the cannabis industry. LeafLink’s Massachusetts and Michigan offerings provide transportation solutions that enable cannabis brands to increase efficiency, reliability, and transparency in their shipping practices. LeafLink offers California companies a retailer-focused solution for warehousing and fulfilling a retailer’s inventory with a technology layer that allows buyers to restock their cannabis supplies from that inventory as needed—increasing profit margins by reducing stockouts and unlocking bulk discounts streamlining inventory operations.

Their Oregon solution combines the Massachusetts and Michigan transportation model with efficient, reliable, and fast storage and delivery of products statewide. LeafLink allows brands and retailers to cut transportation and fulfillment costs which lets them invest in brand building, product development, and customer experience without missing a sale.

LeafLink’s collaboration with locally licensed operators is instrumental in bringing value to cannabis brands and retailers through best-in-class service and operating procedures. The ease of LeafLink’s technology allows transporters to tap into the volume of orders obtained through its wholesale marketplace and automate compliance and create efficiency.

“Our logistics partnership with LeafLink has exceeded my expectations across the board,” said Abbe Schnibbe, CEO of Plymouth Armor Group, LeafLink’s partner in Massachusetts. “Through our work together, our company has been able to increase our operational efficiency while simultaneously expanding our sales and marketing reach.”

LeafLink is expected to expand its logistics offerings across the country to grow its network of customers looking to streamline their delivery and fulfillment. Specifically, the company is targeting Illinois and Colorado for early 2022 launches.

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