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Schwazze To Acquire Brow 2’s Indoor Cultivation Operation In Denver

Schwazze To Acquire Brow 2’s Indoor Cultivation Operation In Denver

In yet another move to expand their Colorado presence, Denver-based Schwazze yesterday announced an agreement to acquire indoor cultivation company Brow 2, LLC’s assets for $6.7 million.

Schwazze, described as “the parent company of a portfolio of vertically integrated cannabis brands spanning seed to sale,” purchased Colorado retail chain Star Buds back in March 2021. “The new facility will supply our growing network of dispensaries and customers with a broad assortment of high-quality indoor flower,” said Schwazze’s CEO, Justin Dye, speaking to the main asset included in the acquisition: Brow 2’s 37,000 square foot warehouse. The space will allow for 27,000 square feet of canopy, which will absolutely be put to good use as the Star Buds chain spans 17 locations. “This acquisition [of Brow 2’s assets] will add a talented team of growers, high-quality indoor flower cultivation capacity, new strain genetics, and another profitable asset to our platform,” said Dye.

Speaking of Schwazze’s profitable assets and new, expansive grow locations, they also purchased Southern Colorado Growers’ (SCG) 34-acre outdoor grow operation for $11.3 million this past July. Clearly, if anyone understands the importance of growth in terms of the actual plant and business expansion, it’s the Schwazze team. In fact, their name is actually derived from “a cultivation technique that prunes a living organism to create more growth,” according to their website. “For us, it’s a call to action. At Schwazze we are focused on innovation, unparalleled thinking and creating the next era of cannabis,” they wrote. Obviously, they’re taking that initiative seriously with their ever-expanding business presence in Colorado.

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