Sublime Announces The Launch Of New Cannabis Brand In California 

Sublime Announces The Launch Of New Cannabis Brand In California 

Celebrity cannabis endorsements aren’t anything new, but they’ve evolved over the years. Public figures who’ve never associated their brand with cannabis are even getting in on the green rush. However, in the latest spurt of celebrities leaping into the market, they’re positioning themselves with partnerships and co-ownerships.

Some musicians, specifically, are long overdue in bringing their 420-friendly name into the market. Sublime, for example, has scored the soundtrack to many smoke sessions around the world with tracks like “Santeria” and “40oz. To Freedom.” Any seasoned smoker has at least one Sublime song for their smoking playlists.

According to Forbes, the Long Beach-based band will be sliding through with a new line of cannabis products in California this summer. The band’s estate has now linked up with The Healing Plant to produce and distribute a specially curated Sublime-branded marijuana line. The partnership is a marriage between a musical group with a known passion for cannabis and a company that strives to highlight the medicinal benefits of marijuana. The associates of Sublime working on the collaboration specifically focused on highlighting marijuana’s healing powers.

Bud Gaugh, the original drummer of Sublime, expressed his excitement for collaboration, especially as fans can now pack Futurola pre-roll cones with the band’s strains to accompany their music. “Sublime has its own weed now! I mean, what more needs to be said other than light ’em up,” he said in a statement.

Sublime left an enormous impact within their three-album run in the 90s. They emerged with their 1992 debut album, 40Oz. To Freedom. Their sophomore album, Robbin’ The Hood, arrived two years later before delivering their self-titled album in 1996 — their final opus before breaking up. The passing of frontman Brad Nowell, who died of a heroin overdose just three months before the self-titled album’s release, led the band to break up shortly after. In 2009, the living members later joined forces with Rome Ramirez to launch Sublime With Rome, though they disbanded two years later. 

Troy denDekker, Nowell’s widow said it’s a “given” that the band would have their own line of marijuana since cannabis culture embraced them as their own. With The Healing Plant serving as the “perfect partner” for this endeavor, denDekker emphasized the need to raise awareness surrounding the plant’s medicinal properties. The product line is currently under development to highlight the potential healing value of marijuana.

According to CEO Robert Taft, Jr, the band’s living members, including former bassist Eric Wilson, will all be hands-on in the collaboration. High Times also reports that Nowell and denDekker’s son, Jakob Nowell, will also be helping curate the line-up.

Surfdog/DKM management’s Scott Seine explained that they needed to collaborate with a brand that comprehended Sublime’s importance, especially with so many artist/cannabis deals on the market. Sublime’s collab with The Healing Plant underlines “the healing and medicinal qualities of cannabis was of paramount importance to the band,” said Seine. He added that The Healing Plant “understood the deep musical and cultural significance of Sublime’s legacy.”

Between the emphasis on Sublime’s brand and the healing properties of cannabis, there will be a controlled launch for the product to ensure consistent quality. The Healing Plants’ geneticists will be working closely with select farmers to bring the crop to the masses.

Taft also acknowledged the recent research indicating the value of marijuana in combatting opioid addiction. 

“This brand is going to bring you Sublime’s ‘Greatest Hits’ of recreational cannabis, as well as a full line of medicinal products that will benefit people fighting opioid and heroin addiction, a very important driven line, especially for the community of artists in memory of Bradley Nowell himself,” Taft said.

The line of cannabis products will see shelves at a handful of dispensaries in Southern California, including the band’s hometown of Long Beach, L.A., San Diego, Orange County, and Inland Empire. From there, The Healing Plant will bring the line-up to certain stores in Northern California. They’ve already found distribution partners for San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. 

Details are currently under wraps surrounding the product launch. However, the recent announcement offers good insight into one of the most anticipated product launches among enthusiastic smokers. 

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