The Three Biggest Credibility Killers In The Cannabis Industry

The Three Biggest Credibility Killers In The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is still in its infant stages. Some businesses established themselves before the green rush, and others tried to get their foot through the doors. The evolving compliance regulations continue to befuddle operators but staying within the state-issued mandates is one of the only ways to build credibility. 

Marijuana is a booming industry right now, and there are plenty of ways to cash in. That’s why we’re seeing an influx of investors attempting to break into the market. Like any business, customers will always value quality over quantity. Lower prices might initially lure in clients, but if the product doesn’t meet their standard, then there’s a good chance they won’t be returning. However, a big misconception among dispensary operators is that their credibility lies in the potency of their cannabis. That’s not true. Customers need to trust their local dispensary, which also boils down to meeting regional and state-wide regulations.

As you’ve likely heard, there’s a massive epidemic in the cannabis industry because of branded bags. The rise of Stoner Patch Kids, for example, took America by storm due to the uncanny resemblance to the actual candies. There were multiple reports that children accessed infused candies and wound up ill. The businesses selling these products faced immediate backlash, losing the trust of their customers. In some instances, custom bags for cannabis, like the Stoner Patch Kids, creates an illusion that products meet safety requirements. 

The distribution of cannabis and the laws are different in each state. Compliance guidelines are one of the easiest ways to ensure communities access clean and safe cannabis. Though it can be daunting to keep up with the perpetual changes, it can only benefit your business at the end of the day. Features like child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging are crucial for safety purposes, among the few ways you can help build customer trust. Compliant packaging and consistent products are a surefire way of establishing a brand for the long haul. 

Below, we’ve broken down the three biggest credibility killers in the cannabis industry and the many ways you can build a solid reputation in your community.

Child-Resistant Packaging 

Ever since conversations surrounding cannabis legalization began to bubble up, the main concern surrounds children accessing marijuana. The problem isn’t solely about curious teens who would otherwise have to find it in the black market but infants and children who shouldn’t be anywhere near cannabis. Child-resistant packaging is practically a universal feature of most marijuana products. However, an overwhelming amount of fake mylar bags and knockoff packaging have circulated. The sham products don’t always contain adequate child-resistant technology that’s undergone significant testing and have the state’s approval for sale. So, if a young child gets their hands on the products, then that could create a domino effect of issues that your business could tend to. Plus, if inspectors come around and discover inadequate child-resistant technology, then there are hefty fines that come along with it.

Customized cannabis jars, bags, and bottles for flowers or edibles must have child-resistant technology to ensure the protection of all consumers. With marijuana becoming widely normalized and accessible, consumers rely on their favorite brands and dispensary to provide them with authorized products and packaging. 

Tamper Evident Packaging

A big fear for any cannabis consumer is that their products are contaminated. However, that doesn’t just impact the customer’s experience- it directly affects dispensaries and cannabis operators. Health concerns relating to tampered packaging. If caught selling non-secure products, it can be detrimental to their reputation. Take customized pre-rolled cones, for example. Although they’ve already been presumably safely rolled in a sanitary environment, there’s no way to dictate how it has been compromised or whether the product is safe to consume unless tamper proof packaging helps seal it closed.

Cannabis can be tampered with at various stages before it arrives at the consumer, but it’s of the utmost importance to continuously have a consistent and trusted supplier. Established manufacturers have the resources for security to ensure no unauthorized individuals are entering or exiting the building. Manufacturers are also required to track products, so it’s easier to identify if anything has been tampered with. In dispensaries, they risk being meddled with if they’re out in the open.

Ultimately, building trust with your customers means ensuring that all of your products are secure and fresh. Using tamper evident packaging is the ultimate way to avoid selling products that could have been meddled. Many businesses’ demise comes at the expense of cutting corners. By using tamper evident packaging, your dispensary won’t have to suffer setbacks or financial losses due to a compromised reputation.

Quality Products

The #1 way to keep customers returning is by having the best products available. In a sea of hundreds, if not thousands, of dispensaries and producers, the only way for a business to truly stick out is by having quality products on its shelves. Of course, some might think of it as simply having cannabis with the highest THC percentage, the best prices, or a household name. Still, marijuana is a complex plant with many layers that determine its quality.

The moment a business secures the right producers for their product, then having equally appealing branding becomes the second part of the battle to tap into customer psychology. Quality product and eye-popping packaging that adheres to compliance laws will ensure customers are returning, whether they’re looking for intense terpene profiles, high THC levels, or other therapeutic attributes.

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