Vibe Growth’s Sacramento Cannabis Campus Is Getting A Massive Expansion

Vibe Growth’s Sacramento Cannabis Campus Is Getting A Massive Expansion

Vibe Growth announced plans for a cultivation expansion at its Sacramento campus. Largely due to the spike in demand, it will be a two-part phase. It will begin with an increase in annual cannabis production to $8.3M at the 2-acre campus. New rooms for vegetative grow, flowering and drying will also be added in the first phase of the expansion.

“Cultivation expansion remains a top growth priority, having significantly improved its growing efficiencies translating to increased harvest yields and additional grow cycles and achieving a recent record of 37.7% THC content cannabis harvest,” the Vibe team said in a statement.

“The additional canopy square footage is to be achieved by upgrading the existing Vibe cultivation buildings and current cultivation operations to a two-tiered vertical growing system using advanced irrigation and nutrient delivery system,” they continued. “The additional canopy is expected to increase the yield of premium indoor flower and trim/biomass for use in Hype Cannabis Co. retail products.”

Cultivation is Vibe’s main focus. Phase two will add another $10.9M in cultivation production, along with the construction of a new Vibe building. This will also include new rooms for growing, flowering, and drying.

CEO of Vibe explained that the goals of their big plans ahead are to bring in an additional $17M every year in revenue from both high-margins and top-tier quality cultivation.

“Our cultivation expansion will provide us significant economies of scale and the ability to improve margins, generating an optimal return for Vibe shareholders,” Vibe CEO Mark Waldron said. “In addition to allowing us to take advantage of opportunities in the state for premium indoor flower, expanding our cultivation capabilities underpins our plan to increase the degree of vertical integration for our Hype Cannabis Co. products, as well as the continued expansion of our retail footprint in California.”

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