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Dispensary Design Display Ideas: Layout & Planning

<strong>Dispensary Design Display Ideas: Layout &amp; Planning</strong>

The cannabis retail sector is becoming increasingly competitive as the marijuana industry expands. Considering that more players are entering the weed sector, marijuana retailers must embrace creativity in their dispensary design choices to ensure customers keep coming back.

Nowadays, cannabis consumers are just as interested in dispensary aesthetics as the products they want to purchase. For this reason, weed dispensaries with intriguing interiors and eye-catching displays have better sales because they are more appealing to customers. Moreover, how you showcase your products goes a long way in making your business look more professional.

Dispensary Design Ideas

There are innumerable dispensary display ideas that marijuana retailers can implement to make their space more unique and inviting. Here are a few of the most practical ones.

Utilize The Side Walls For Weed Displays

One of the most effective techniques when arranging cannabis displays is embracing an open floor concept. In this plan, you use displays to visually direct customers to the side walls of your dispensary. Even so, you can still have merchandise in the middle of the store. 

You can also utilize modular storage cabinets and cannabis display jars to showcase products across their dispensaries. Placing these cabinets strategically across the store will bring people deep into your environment and invite engagement.  

An open floor plan and a customer-guided design allow buyers to browse the entire store. Most shoppers prefer exploring stores independently instead of getting all their products from the counter. Similarly, allowing customers to explore and interact with the products increases the likelihood of additional purchases, which can help dispensaries maximize revenue. 

Arrange Cannabis Displays and Products With Purpose

Another vital consideration when planning the layout of your dispensary is having a systematic arrangement of products in your store. You can create different sections with specific products across their establishments. 

There are various ways to approach this, which allows you to finetune your store’s arrangement according to your customer’s preferences. You can create cannabis displays by either brand or product type. 

Tinctures and dabs can have their own zone. Similarly, you can provide separate areas for marijuana drinks and edibles, while topicals like lotions can have a different section. You could also mix CBD products with THC-rich goods or give them their own weed display. 

Another way to do this is by grouping products according to their packaging. Hence, dispensary bags can be in one section, while glass jars and tin containers are in other areas.

This type of organization can also extend to your inventory. You can group your dispensary supplies in different ways to help keep track of products and improve your store’s workflow. 

Create Interactive Marijuana Displays 

A marijuana dispensary is not only a retail establishment but also an educational experience for many customers, especially with new products emerging constantly. For this reason, shoppers frequently need help understanding the variety of marijuana products available in cannabis dispensaries.

Consequently, creating marijuana displays that make products accessible and easy to examine will make your store draw more customers. Doing this can also help spark discussions between your employees and customers, which builds trust and nurtures loyal customers. 

Keeping products behind the counter or far from the customer’s reach makes them seem inaccessible, which discourages engagement. Nevertheless, when you allow your clients to get up close and personal with products in your dispensary, remember to maintain optimum security.

Make Full Use Of The Counter 

Unlike online stores, customers are more likely to add items to their shopping carts when checking out from a brick-and-mortar establishment. Therefore, retailers should capitalize on this by adding a cannabis display with jars for dispensaries and other accessories at the counter. 

Your store’s checkout is the perfect place for impulse purchases. Plus, it’s where your employees can suggest complementary products to customers. Hence, be sure not to take it for granted when planning your dispensary layout. 

Bottom Line 

The layout and design of your cannabis dispensary play an instrumental role in your company’s sales and reputation. Paying attention to specific elements and implementing creative solutions will help you build a suitable retail environment in your dispensary. Be sure to consider your client’s preferences and engage your staff when making design decisions to create a cohesive retail experience.

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