LOWD: A Company Dedicated To Providing Premium Cannabis Flower

LOWD: A Company Dedicated To Providing Premium Cannabis Flower

Love Our Weed Daily (LOWD) is one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry. Situated in Portland, Oregon, the firm is committed to providing top-quality cannabis flowers. The company was founded in 2019 to bring exceptional marijuana products to consumers.

Although the company is growing rapidly, things weren’t always like that for the founder Jesce Horton. He started his venture the old-fashioned way, cultivating small-scale medical marijuana in his basement. Before becoming the company leader and a professional grower, Horton held a corporate engineering job.

After moving to Portland, Oregon, in 2011, Horton decided to venture out as a cannabis entrepreneur a year later. Today, Oregon’s cannabis laws have changed, making it easier for cannabis businesses to be established. When Horton first started the company, he was forced to shift locations due to the changes in local cannabis laws. LOWD is now located in Northeast Portland.

Horton’s engineering background has played a massive role in his success in the industry. He has worked closely with his team and other professionals to ensure the LOWD facility fully maximizes heat, energy, and water. The company has also embraced sustainability by implementing various power-saving mechanisms.

Efficiency is an essential aspect in the company – this is why Horton prefers to grow the plants in smaller pots than most companies use. It helps to reduce water requirements. LOWD also uses a sophisticated system that reroutes condensation that builds up in its HVAC, AC, and dehumidifying systems. 

Horton now has plans to expand the company. Even so, he prefers to work with people who respect the cannabis culture and have a deep understanding of the industry. The marijuana sector is becoming very competitive by the day. Thus, businesses have to be creative to stay ahead of the curve. A good way of attaining this is through utilizing effective branding. It’s a strategy that has proven worthwhile for medical marijuana businesses and those that sell smoking accessories.

Considering that LOWD has had commendable success, Horton’s next move is acquiring a new vertically-integrated facility in North Portland. It will have a retail location, a cultivation facility and also plans to include a cannabis lounge for public consumption. However, the lounge will depend on whether the state and the local authority give it the green light.

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