Psilocybin Companies & Brands in the US: A Look Into Legalization

Psilocybin Companies & Brands in the US: A Look Into Legalization

The recent upswing in interest surrounding psychedelic therapies, especially psilocybin or magic mushrooms, has given rise to numerous businesses and brands in the United States. These psilocybin companies stand at the forefront of the psychedelic reawakening. They research and create psilocybin-centered products to address mental health issues and boost overall well-being. Our guide explores the most notable psilocybin brands in the US, their primary focus, and the prospects of this burgeoning sector.

A Changing Regulatory Landscape

The legality of shrooms is still an intricate matter. The law classifies psilocybin as a Schedule 1 substance. Therefore, it is currently illegal under federal law. This was also the case for cannabis a few years back. However, people’s attitudes toward marijuana shifted after learning about its medical advantages and how microdosing THC & CBD prevents psychoactive effects. 

Acceptance and legalization of psychedelics for medicinal purposes may be similar to that of medical marijuana. The legal landscape surrounding psychedelic treatment has already started shifting in many parts of the country. For instance, psychedelics in Michigan were decriminalized a few months ago through ballot initiatives. Similarly, Governor Greg Abbott allowed a bill that permitted psychedelic research in Texas in 2021. 

Some leaders have also been vocal in their support for legalizing psychedelics. For example, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s psilocybin bill was a hot topic in 2021 as she openly supported decriminalizing psychedelic drugs. Some states are also putting in efforts to promote more research into psychedelic treatment. An excellent example is Utah’s psilocybin bill, which seeks to create a task force to research the beneficial potential of psychedelic drugs. 

Top Psychedelic Businesses In The US

Getting involved in a sector that has long been federally prohibited, like investing in the psychedelic industry, is no easy task. Even so, a few pioneering magic mushrooms startups are making a difference in the field.

Compass Pathways

Compass Pathways, a mental health care enterprise, has captured global attention due to its groundbreaking work in psychedelic therapy. The company’s principal emphasis is on creating psilocybin-driven treatments for depression. Their flagship product, COMP360, is in phase 2b clinical trials. If successful, COMP360 could be the first FDA-sanctioned psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression.


As an innovator in the psychedelic medicine sector, MindMed possesses a diverse range of psychedelic compounds under development. Although the company is investigating various substances, its psilocybin-oriented product, Project Lucy, is specifically designed to treat anxiety disorders. MindMed is also examining the potential of merging psilocybin with other compounds to amplify its therapeutic effects.

Field Trip Health

Field Trip Health is involved in producing psychedelic therapies and the management of specialized clinics. They chiefly investigate the potential benefits of psilocybin in tackling a range of mental health challenges. Field Trip Health’s psilocybin research revolves around its proprietary molecule, FT-104, which has demonstrated promising outcomes in preclinical studies.

Numinus Wellness

Numinus Wellness, a holistic healthcare enterprise, aspires to offer patients access to psychedelic-supported therapies. The company is vigorously involved in psilocybin research, focusing on its ability to address substance use disorders and PTSD.

Usona Institute

The Usona Institute is a non-profit research organization that is committed to the examination of psilocybin. At present, they are funding a phase 2 clinical trial to examine the safety and efficiency of psilocybin for managing major depressive disorder. As a non-profit, the Usona Institute endeavors to ensure that psychedelic therapies remain accessible and affordable for those in need.


The landscape of psilocybin businesses and brands in the United States is rapidly shifting as additional research surfaces on the potential advantages of psychedelic therapies. Hence, it may not be too long before we see packaging for psychedelic mushrooms in clinics across the US. 

The trailblazing enterprises mentioned in our guide are driving the development of secure and efficient treatments for a range of mental health disorders using psilocybin’s therapeutic potential. These businesses are at the core of this thrilling new chapter in mental health care. Still, we’re only in the preliminary stages of the industry and yet to see what the future holds for psychedelic treatment.

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