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RAE vs AVD: An In-Depth Look At Two Innovative Vape Manufacturers

<strong>RAE vs AVD: An In-Depth Look At Two Innovative Vape Manufacturers</strong>

Vaping has grown over the years to become one of the most prevalent ways to consume cannabis and tobacco products. Vaporizers provide tokers with better taste, efficiency, and potency than other ways of partaking in marijuana. However, with vape-related health issues on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly tricky for vapers to pick out the best brands. 

Despite this, two vape companies have stood out as exceptional suppliers of vaping hardware; RAE and AVD. Although these two brands have many similarities, several distinctions make them fundamentally different. Here’s a deeper look at RAE vs AVD to shed light on which one suits you best. 

RAE Vapes

RAE Vapes is a relatively new brand that offers a breath of fresh air to the vaporizer industry. RAE stands for Refined Atomizer Engineering, which is what the brand is about. The company was launched earlier this year by one of the top cannabis packaging firms in the industry, Marijuana Packaging. RAE Vapes is committed to providing top-of-the-line vaping hardware using innovative technology and ingenious designs. 

What Makes RAE Vapes Exceptional

Numerous factors make RAE Vapes an industry leader in vaporizer technology. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the most significant ones.

Superior Technology 

The superior technology behind RAE vaporizer hardware sets the firm’s products above other brands. RAE has an incredible line of products, including vape cartridges, batteries, mouthpieces, and disposables. 

To ensure RAE continues to push the boundaries of vaporizer technology in their production, the company invests heavily in research and development. In fact, 10% of the brand’s revenue goes back to R&D. 

Similarly, RAE Vapes has acquired top minds in aerosol science to oversee their design and manufacturing. As a result, this ensures the company produces some of the best vape devices and accessories, capable of providing an elevated smoking experience. 

High-Quality Materials

Another factor that makes RAE a superior vape hardware provider is the use of top-of-the-line materials. Apart from extensive technology, high-quality materials have also been essential in enabling the company to push the limits of vape hardware. 

RAE utilizes its proprietary in-house ceramic to produce all its vaporizer cores. The company has a fully automated manufacturing facility to produce highly porous ceramic with a precise uniform structure. Consequently, this increases absorption and oil conduction. 

It also facilitates uniform thermal distribution, allowing RAE products to operate at lower temperatures. This prevents consumers from experiencing the infamous burnt taste familiar with traditional vapes and helps preserve terpene profiles to maximize flavor. 

Similarly, RAE Vapes only sources Grade A ores from reputable suppliers for its batteries and power supplies. These materials ensure the brand’s batteries last much longer than regular batteries and degrade more slowly. 

Excellent Safety Features

Safety is another factor that has been a cornerstone for RAE Vapes. The brand has developed various rigorous testing methods to maintain quality safety standards. All RAE products are heavily analyzed for total particulate matter and aerosol production. The products are also tested with oils of various viscosities to optimize the vaping experience. 

Furthermore, RAE ensures its products are safe and certified by third-party laboratories to be free of heavy metals. The brand also exclusively uses food and medical-grade materials like stainless steel 316L, which prevents heavy metal leaching. 

Outstanding Heating Element Designs

RAE Vapes makes excellent use of its advanced technology to create some of the best heating elements in the vaping sector. Although the firm offers numerous heating techniques in its line of products, the Ultra Core is the company’s crown jewel. 

RAE’s Ultra Core has three times more heating surface than heating elements produced by other brands. Moreover, it’s integrated into the ceramic wick, allowing for uniform heat distribution and more durable performance. The larger surface area also provides higher energy efficiency for heating. 

RAE Vapes provides other heating element designs, including the Standard Coil, Mesh Coil, and Notch Coil. They can operate at low temperatures and maintain their internal structure even after thousands of puffs. As a result, RAE’s heating elements provide more reliability and longevity than its competitors. 

AVD Vapes

AVD is another prevalent vape brand that has been in the limelight over the last few years. The term AVD stands for Advanced Vapor Devices, and the brand has established itself as a reliable vape device manufacturer. Still, the firm has seen a few setbacks in the past that have impeded its efforts to compete with other industry leaders. Nonetheless, having an extensive background in marijuana extraction, AVD is determined to remain competitive and challenge other behemoths in the vape industry.

What Makes AVD Exceptional

AVD vaping devices have several factors that make them a go-to choice for many vapers. Here are a few of the most significant aspects that make the brand exceptional. 

No-Burn Technology

There’s no denying ceramic cores are all the rage in vaping and provide more efficiency than other materials. AVD’s proprietary ceramic core is a result of extensive research and development. The core has uniquely designed tiny inlets that make it incredibly porous for smooth oil absorption and consistent vaporization. 

Moreover, the brand has embedded the heating coil at the center of the ceramic core. As a result, AVD vaporizers are free of overheating issues, burnt flavors, and dry hits. Similarly, the brand doesn’t pre-coat its ceramic cores with glycols or glycerin. Although these elements give the illusion of thicker smoke, they can harm consumers. 

Sustainable Materials 

Another factor that makes AVD superior to other brands is its use of sustainable materials to create its products. The brand utilizes a Hemp-Plastic blend which uses up to 15% less plastic and has around 25% lower carbon footprint. 

AVD has partnered with several local hemp farmers to utilize remaining plant material that would otherwise be discarded or incinerated after harvesting. For this reason, the brand provides a win-win situation where it benefits from the farmers’ waste while the cultivators get to maximize their revenue.

SmartPlus Power Control

It’s common for vape cartridges to get hotter when used over a prolonged period. This lengthy exposure to heat usually degrades cannabis oil and diminishes its taste. However, AVD has developed an advanced algorithm designed to stabilize the temperature of its vaporizers. It works by sending short intermittent power pulses to the cartridge, which prevents it from overheating even after prolonged use.

RAE vs AVD: The Bottom Line

The information provided here shows that both RAE and AVD vape equipment have plenty to offer. Even so, various factors give RAE Vapes an edge over its counterpart. RAE Vapes invests more resources in research and development, allowing them to create new hardware that significantly improves the vaping experience. Although RAE Vapes has a slight advantage over AVD, picking between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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