STIIIZY Debuts Edible Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangle

STIIIZY Debuts Edible Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangle

Cannabis company STIIIZY has created a fast-acting way to consume edibles with the STIIIZY Nano-Enhanced Triangles

STIIIZY has been at the forefront as one of the fastest-growing marijuana companies to date. 

The business has been trailblazing the marijuana industry since 2017, and its expansion products only continue to show that this brand has hit the ground running and has not stopped since. They also carry their brand of strains in airtight jars

STIIIZY recently introduced their latest high-inducing product, STIIIZY Edibles, a premier line of Sour Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangles, to the public. The sour gummies are fast-acting due to having Nanomolecular-Enhanced Live Resin expertly infused into each bite. 

According to a product review from High Times, whether you are keeping things chill and microdose or if you are going hard, these edibles will have you covered. 

Each bag contains 90mg of THC. However, you do not have to dive in and eat the entire bag at once. The edibles are fragmented into three large triangles (at 30mg each), and you can break them down into smaller triangle doses at 10mg apiece. 

What separates these edible gummies from the rest is the technology. With the use of nanomolecular technology, these gummies will distribute marijuana to your bloodstream in record time, giving you the vibe you were looking for at a top speed. 

Edibles are infamously known for taking hours to kick in, leaving lots of room for mistakes such as “getting too high.” This revolutionary edible technology makes that a thing of the past. 

After assessing the variety of flavors, two main qualities stood out far beyond the effects: the taste and texture. 

Upon ripping open the first offering, the Blue Raspberry Blast Gummies, an Indica strain with a sweet smell of blueberry, consumed the room. Once eating one-third of a 30mg triangle, the mouth-watering effects were akin to popping a fresh blueberry in your mouth. 

Within 15-20 minutes, the effects were already starting to take effect, from the buzzing feeling in the limbs to the warm relaxing effects in the mind; it was like putting on a warm sweater on a cold winter day. 

After about an hour or so, the body effects became heavier, and relaxation came over overwhelmingly, prompting bed. 

The blueberry gummies prove to be effective in providing painless, relaxed slumber with no head fog in the morning. After successful trials with the Indica gummies, the next flavor on the docket was the Sativa offering Caribbean Breeze. The scent was not as overwhelming as the Blueberry, but the flavor was spot on yet again. 

The 10mg triangle proved manageable, so a larger dose was taken since there was a long day ahead. 

After consuming two triangles and going about daily activities, the psychoactive effects didn’t take long to hit. 

Everything was more enjoyable, the food tasted better, the music sounded great, and moving from one task to the other was seamless; overall, it was an uplifting and positive experience. 

It was easy to consume one triangle to keep the effects going strong throughout the day. The final gummy that we tried was the hybrid strain STIIIZY’s Sour Apple Hybrid Gummy. 

The flavor was sour, but the sweet candy coating made consumption doable and not overpowering. 

It was consistent with other gummies; the effects kicked in fast, feeling the results within 20 minutes, with a complete body-high setting at around 45 minutes. 

We found the effects robust yet satisfying, starting with one gummy and then eating another one within an hour and thirty minutes. The hybrid strain helped ease stress and anxiety about the stressful work week ahead without causing one to overthink anything. Instead, the mind was clear and relaxed as the day went and came to an end. 

Overall, all three edible gummies delivered incredibly to expectations, providing varied and pleasant experiences that did not put a rain on any activities that were set out to accomplish. 

It also helps to know tips on keeping edibles fresh and preventing them from going bad. These edibles might be fun to share with some family members. Sixty percent of cannabis consumers reported saying they would like to get lit with a grandparent

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