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Top Cannabis Brands

Top Cannabis Brands

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. As a result, numerous cannabis entrepreneurs are establishing themselves in the marijuana field, which industry professionals refer to as the “green rush.” Demand for cannabis has also increased as legislators legalize the substance in various places.

Despite the numerous entrants in the cannabis industry, a few distinct weed brands have established themselves as top players. If your aim is starting a cannabis brand, emulating these popular weed brands can help you get ahead in the industry. Similarly, consumers can immensely benefit from knowing which companies are at the top of their game. Our guide explores some of the top cannabis companies to help entrepreneurs and consumers know which ones to look out for. 


WYLD CBD harnesses the essence of Mother Nature, crafting CBD-infused edibles that encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the great outdoors. With a natural and holistic wellness experience in mind, WYLD CBD uses only the finest ingredients to create mouth-watering, fruit-flavored gummies. Each bite of their raspberry, huckleberry, and blackberry gummies seemingly transports you to a lush, sun-kissed forest. WYLD CBD’s vegan, gluten-free, and real-fruit creations cater to a wide spectrum of dietary needs and preferences, ensuring no one misses out on nature’s bountiful harvest.

Surterra Wellness

Surterra Wellness is one of the top dispensary brands in America, offering a diverse range of products designed to harmonize the mind and body. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Surterra Wellness crafts therapeutic cannabis products, including tinctures, vaporizers, and transdermal patches, to address various health concerns. Patient education is at the heart of their ethos, as they provide customized treatment plans and resources for empowering customers to make informed decisions about their health. Surterra Wellness continuously pushes the boundaries of cannabis research, striving to enhance and diversify its product offerings.


MedMen is an innovative marijuana business founded in Culver City, California, and has made a significant mark in the cannabis market. Since its beginning, MedMen has been committed to changing how people view and use marijuana by offering premium, secure, and available cannabis products through a chic and avant-garde retail environment. Being vertically integrated helps MedMen control the entire process, from seed to sale, and guarantees that their consumers only receive the highest quality products. MedMen cultivates, manufactures, and retails its assortment of goods. MedMen offers a variety of cannabis products, such as edibles, concentrates, and topicals, to both medicinal and non-medical users.

Lowell Herb

Lowell Herb is the epitome of sustainability and social responsibility in the cannabis world. The brand cultivates its cannabis using organic practices, shunning pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in favor of ethical and environmentally friendly methods. Lowell Herb supports small, family-owned farms, ensuring their products are sourced with integrity. As a trailblazer in social equity, they hire individuals with prior cannabis convictions and advocate for equitable industry policies. 

Lowell Herb’s diverse product range, including pre-rolls, flower, and vape cartridges, is packaged in eco-conscious materials, making them the conscious connoisseur’s choice. The brand also uses exquisite custom branded packaging and branded pre-rolled cones, distinguishing it from other cannabis brands. 


Stiiizy is one of the best weed brands that seamlessly blends elegance and potency. The brand is known for its avant-garde vaporizer systems but also offers other marijuana products. Its discreet and enjoyable vape pens provide a sophisticated way to consume cannabis, capturing the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. 

Stiiizy’s user-friendly devices boast an array of premium cannabis oil formulations, ranging from powerful THC to harmonious CBD options. To cater to the diverse needs of its customers, Stiiizy also offers edibles and concentrates, securing its status as a visionary in the cannabis landscape.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the many good weed brands spearheading the marijuana industry. Each one brings a unique flair to the industry, offering exceptional products and services that cater to various consumer needs. Similarly, they utilize practical strategies to stay on top of the game. One such technique is employing an excellent cannabis packaging supplier to provide personalized packaging like custom branded mylar bags. Therefore, if you want to start your own marijuana company, emulating these top cannabis brands will help you get ahead.

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