German Police Union Leaders Concerned About Legalizing Cannabis

German Police Union Leaders Concerned About Legalizing Cannabis

German police unions voiced their opposition against possible efforts to legalize cannabis by a coalition of political parties. The police union leaders made the comments in response to the Social Democrats Party’s (SPD) win in the national election, according to Ganjaprenuer. Along with the Greens and Free Democrats Party, the Social Democrats support cannabis legalization reforms in Germany.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, a German newspaper reported that Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union, stated that legalizing marijuana might lead to an increase in car accidents. “It would be the beginning of a stoned future instead of a launch of a modern Germany,” Wendt said.

As part of its election campaign, the Free Democrats advocated some of the positive contributions cannabis legalizations will have on the country, such as collecting up to $1 billion annually from taxation similar to that placed upon cigarettes.

The Free Democrats’ website states that “The additional money will be used for prevention, addiction treatment, and advice. The ban on cannabis criminalizes countless people, ties up immense police resources, and makes it easier to get into harder drugs through illegal contact with dealers.”

The Greens have publicly voiced support for the legalization and regulation of cannabis while also sponsoring a proposed cannabis control bill. The Social Democrats support cannabis legalization by regulating distribution to adults in field projects to research the impact of legalization. 

The head of the Trade Union of the Police (GdP), Oliver Malchow, spoke with a German newspaper and stated how it does not make sense to “open the door to another dangerous and often trivialized drug.”

Before people can light up their favorite hemp blunt papers legally, police unions and government parties will have to discuss the pros and cons of cannabis legalization and regulation first. 

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