International Social Cannabis Use Will Become Popular In 2022

International Social Cannabis Use Will Become Popular In 2022

For many people, It is pretty startling to learn that cannabis prohibitions never existed for many centuries. Most of the outright bans were instituted in the early 1920s. However, things have since changed. The past couple of years has witnessed extensive reforms in the cannabis industry.

Consequently, various countries have now permitted the use of medical marijuana. The laws regarding adult use of cannabis are also slowly changing. In late 2021, Malta became the first nation in the European Union to legalize the adult use of marijuana. This follows as Uruguay and Canada also passed similar laws in 2013 and 2018. In all three countries, social cannabis use is permitted in some form.

The legalization of marijuana goes beyond cultivating, possessing, and selling cannabis. It also includes other facets, including social cannabis use. In simple terms, this refers to the use of marijuana in open settings, such as a venue or event. The scope of social cannabis use is usually broad and varies depending on the particular country.

As the name suggests, the main goal of social cannabis use usually is for recreation and socializing. The term isn’t that popular because marijuana was deemed illegal for a very long period. The mere possession of cannabis was enough to land in trouble. Thus, social cannabis use wasn’t in the minds of many. 

Surprisingly, historical records show that social cannabis use was a popular thing in times past. For instance, Since ancient Hindus in India opposed alcohol use, they accepted the social use of cannabis. In Rome, wealthy people used cannabis seeds as dessert once they finished their banquet. Various places use marijuana differently on special occasions.

Considering that countries have started to permit the adult use of cannabis, it won’t take long before social cannabis use becomes a popular thing in the cannabis community. Already, California has approved cannabis events in various parks. As multiple states are in the process of approving recreational cannabis, we can expect these places to embrace social cannabis use.

If this trend continues, marijuana accessories are also likely to be permitted at various cannabis-themed parties and events. Cannabis reforms have helped the industry to be what it is today. As more changes are implemented in the sector, new opportunities will continue to arise.

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