Italy To Decriminalize Cannabis Cultivation For Personal Consumption

Italy To Decriminalize Cannabis Cultivation For Personal Consumption

While places like Canada and the United States have progressed with plans to legalize cannabis, there are many other countries across the world that have yet to catch up or are beginning to catch up now. Ultimately, it’s never too late to end the prohibition against those who are simply trying to light up a joint after work and it looks like Italy agrees.

The European country’s Lower House justice committee recently approved a bill that will allow small-scale cannabis cultivation. The bill is a step towards reform that allows up to four plants per home. Advocates were extremely pleased with the move as it allows patients to grow for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

“The cultivation of hemp at home is essential for patients who must make therapeutic use of it and who often do not find it available, as well as to combat the [street] sale [of the drug] and the consequent criminal behaviour,” Mario Perantoni, of Italian political party Five Star Movement, said.

On the downside, the ramifications for trafficking and dealing cannabis became even harsher. The reform bill has increased the maximum sentencing for trafficking and dealing cannabis from six years to 10.

The reform was put forward by Italian MP Riccardo Magi which makes the country one of the few in Europe to adapt any sort of progressive policy towards cannabis reform. Spain and Czech Republic have both passed bills that permits private cultivation. Both countries allow up to five plants to be grown per household.

In 2019, Italy’s Supreme Court quietly ruled that growing cannabis in one’s home for personal use is legal. Hopefully, the latest reform bill in Lower Court is an indication that more countries in Europe adopt more lax laws when it comes to cannabis consumption. Who doesn’t want to be lighting up a blunt on the Amalfi Coast?

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