Kansas Democratic Leaders Announce Plans To Put Cannabis Legalization In 2022 Ballot

Kansas Democratic Leaders Announce Plans To Put Cannabis Legalization In 2022 Ballot

Top Kansas Democratic leaders Tom Sawyer and Jason Probst recently announced plans to introduce a proposal that would let the people of Kansas dictate marijuana reforms in 2022. 

According to a report by Marijuana Moment, the leaders pointed out how much constituents are eager for cannabis reforms. 

For this reason, the two Democrats saw it best to let voters decide on the fate of the reforms since the majority Republican Party has failed to act on the matter. 

With support for legal cannabis at an all-time high in America, prohibition got another kick to the face when Kansas Democratic leaders decided to introduce a proposal to let voters decide on cannabis reforms. 

Iowa and other states are seemingly heading in the same direction, with lawmakers pushing to put cannabis measures on the ballot. The Kansas Democratic officials pointed out that despite the lack of interest from Republican leaders, they are confident that they will get the chance to give voters a say on the issue.

Tom Sawyer continued to explain that although the Senate has stalled the medical marijuana bill that passed the Kansas House of Representatives, he is hopeful that it will advance soon. 

He also pointed out that despite several restrictions on the previously-mentioned bill, including a ban on smokable hemp, a constitutional amendment will provide a more comprehensive program that lawmakers will have to follow. 

Sawyer, House Minority Leader, continued to explain that cannabis reforms have been a hot topic in his district for the better part of a decade. For this reason, allowing the voters to decide on the matter is the best way to go. 

He called out House and Senate Republicans, saying that the constitutional reforms will give them a chance to demonstrate whether they value Kansans or only support public votes when it is politically beneficial to them. 

With the push for marijuana legalization in full force, lawmakers in various other states have also chimed in. For instance, Iowa Democratic leaders have recently released a statement for a joint resolution to put cannabis legalization on the state ballot. 

Similarly, lawmakers in Maryland have drafted a bill to place cannabis reforms in the hands of voters this year. Several other states have also shown interest in pushing for the legalization of the use of cannabis and other marijuana accessories by the end of the year.

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