Health Canada Issues Warning To Cannabis Producers To Test & Label Products Accurately

Health Canada Issues Warning To Cannabis Producers To Test & Label Products Accurately

Canadian cannabis regulator Health Canada has issued official reminders to licensed producers to be certain that their labeling is accurate. The notification emphasizes that cannabinoid labeling based on past cannabinoid values for a specific cannabis cultivar, “or other practices, do not correspond to an accurate measurement of a specific lot’s THC and CBD content values.” Health Canada reminded producers that these notifications serve as a reminder that inaccurate cannabinoid content labels can attract regulatory scrutiny.

Essentially, producers are not allowed to utilize “static labeling” which relies on past test results. Static labeling simplifies production, lowers costs, and streamlines the supply chain but also reduces consumer trust.

British Columbia cannabis producer Pure Sunfarms filed an inquiry with Health Canada seeking clarification on cannabis labeling regulations. Pure Sunfarms cited Canopy as a company “employing a static labeling approach.” Eighteen separate lots of Canopy’s TWD-brand dried cannabis were all labeled as yielding exactly 20% THC.

Pure Sunfarms CEO Mandesh Dosanjh said his company’s complaint “had less to do with Canopy specifically and more (to do with) all the bad actors that decide not to follow Health Canada rules.” Dosanjh added that misstating cannabis potency is “the wrong thing to do to customers.”

“As the cannabis industry matures, it is important that labeling standards evolve to align with best practices from established industries such as beverage alcohol, natural health products, and pharmaceuticals,” wrote a Canopy spokesperson.

“They rely upon that result, or that label claim on the package, to understand what they’re going to choose to do once they’ve consumed, or after they’ve consumed, and what they purchase, and we cannot take (the) safety of consumers lightly,” Dosanjh said.

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