Blazing Before the Bowl

<strong>Blazing Before the Bowl</strong>

The Super Bowl won’t be the only bowl in households come Sunday. Cannabis sales are expected to spike in the days before the Super Bowl if numbers from last year are any indication. MarketWatch reported that last year sales rose by 33% the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday and rose again by 22% on Saturday.

Sales might climb even higher this year since the massive sporting event is taking place in California. Jon Lowen, the CEO of the company that collected last year’s data, said, “We tend to see that when events are held in a state with recreational cannabis, you get a large influx of tourists that may be from other states that aren’t fully recreational.” Since the L.A. Rams will be playing, there is sure to be a large turnout from California natives as well.

Marijuana seems like a logical choice for Super Bowl viewers at home, as well. Any sports lover – especially if their team is one of the final two – will know the gut-churning experience any championship can be. Cannabis helps with anxiety, which no doubt Bengals and Rams fans will be feeling. Before, during, and after the game, there is no doubt a nice pre-roll or edible will help relax tense fans across the country. Plus, with food and snack purchases on the rise before the Super Bowl as well, why not satisfy the munchies only marijuana can induce? 

The National Football League (NFL) seems to be beginning to embrace cannabis as much as its viewers are. In 2020 players could no longer be suspended if they tested positive for marijuana, and a commission formed in 2021 is investing into therapeutic cannabis treatments and research for players. Cannabis consumption is widespread across several pro sports leagues, and the NFL is no exception. Consumers are hoping to have a high just like their favorite players. 

So on a weekend where there will no doubt be passions flaring, that one friend that has to be invited but roots for the other team, and the extreme emotions of watching the Super Bowl, why not add a little mellow by partaking? Bengals fans, Rams fans, and people who hate sports–they do exist – can all agree; cannabis can add to a fun Super Bowl weekend. 

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