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Colorado-Based Native Roots Cannabis Offering $0.01 Joints To Voters Through Election Day

Colorado-Based Native Roots Cannabis Offering $0.01 Joints To Voters Through Election Day

For generations, Election Day (and the events that ensue thereafter) has been stressful, anxiety-ridden, and even physically painful for some. Nevertheless, voting is one of the most essential roles we play as citizens – to participate in the preservation of our democracy by ushering in new leaders and legislation as the world continues to evolve around and with us. That’s the sort of pressure that can make a person crave a little THC.

Well, thankfully for Colorado residents, one local dispensary chain is looking to help you out with that. Native Roots Cannabis Co. is offering $.01 joints to any customer with an “I Voted” sticker in an effort to provide some voter incentive and possibly relieve post-election jitters and stress. Whether things go the way you wanted or not, there’s a lot of anticipatory adrenaline that gets most impassioned voters nice and riled around early November and it can be really nice to have a natural way to take the edge off.

Connecting a joint as a reward for voting could be seen as too literal a metaphor – or incentive – for some. Polling suggests that two-thirds of Americans are in favor of legalized recreational marijuana but elected officials don’t always agree with their constituents. In Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, and South Dakota, legal challenges and political maneuvering blocked, delayed, or overturned the implementation of voter-approved marijuana reform. Each of these states is led by a Republican governor or Republican legislature.

So that virtually-free joint should serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of voting. Who gets into office affects whether there are any more marijuana rewards for voting in the future – such as statewide legalization. Recreational pot has been legal in Colorado since 2012 and it seems the state sure knows their constituents and how to ensure they continue coming back to vote year after year. Plus, sharing the joint with friends or relatives is a great way to open both of your minds to conversations surrounding politics that might otherwise become contentious. Nothing bonds people quite like a toke session!

If you’re a Colorado voter, take advantage of Native Roots’ generosity. No purchase is required to take advantage of the one penny joints. There’s a limit of one joint per voter. The offer is good at any of the company’s 20 Colorado dispensaries and the deal runs through Election Day. Obviously, you will not be asked nor will matter who you voted for.

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