UK Cannabis Firm Announces World's First Carbon-Negative Cultivation Facility

UK Cannabis Firm Announces World's First Carbon-Negative Cultivation Facility

Glass Pharms announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-negative medicinal marijuana cultivation facility utilizing artificial intelligence-influenced growing techniques, as reported in the Ganjapreneur.

According to reports by the Edmonton Journal, Glass Pharms, a United Kingdom-based marijuana firm, announced its plans to build the planet’s first carbon-negative medicinal marijuana cultivation facility.

The deal was made with an unnamed infrastructure firm, and Glass Pharms will have 22.5 million Great Britain pounds ($38.5 million) accessible to build the new campus.

The newly built greenhouse will be approximately 2.5 hectares in size. They will be located in an undisclosed location in South England. Glass Pharms indicates in a statement that the project will officially be the first facility that is “carbon negative by design.”

To accomplish its carbon-negative goal, Glass Pharms will use an anaerobic digestion plant, also known as the food waste plant, to produce electricity by using steam.

Utilizing artificial intelligence-influenced growing techniques will help Glass Pharms be able to reach the “fine tolerances required by the pharmaceutical sector for medical cannabis flower.”

Glass Pharms was also the first company to ever receive a license in the U.K. and supply high-THC marijuana in child-resistant mylar bags and other containers to medicinal marijuana patients. There is a chance it can expand into the recreational sector after London mayor Sadiq Khan announced developing plans to decriminalize cannabis.

In a released statement, Glass Pharms CEO James Duckenfield stated that most medicinal marijuana in the United Kingdom gets imported with inconsistent quality and supply.

Many patients in the U.K. have complained about the lack of consistency in medical marijuana being provided in the United Kingdom ever since it was legalized in 2018. Some groups have argued that the U.K. is not embracing its medical marijuana program to its full potential.

“We will underpin a secure supply chain of medical cannabis to the U.K., while at the same time making a real contribution towards the U.K.’s Net Zero targets,” Duckenfield said. 

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