A Social Networking App For Medical Cannabis Patients Launches In Israel

A Social Networking App For Medical Cannabis Patients Launches In Israel

The biggest benefit to come out of the legalization of cannabis is access. For ages, medical marijuana patients have been left with few options, pushing them to the black market where products aren’t tested or regulated. The widespread opening of a regulated cannabis industry has now offered people with medical ailments a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

In Israel, accessing medical cannabis is as easy as downloading an app. The Jerusalem Post reports that EcoCANN, a new app under Belong.Life’s umbrella, offers cannabis patients simple access to medical professionals specializing in medical marijuana. It’s primarily a social media app that allows cannabis patients to engage with other users in forums and receive answers from reliable sources. The press release does state that it shouldn’t be looked at as official medical advice.

EcoCANN is the first app of its kind and it’s bound to keep growing alongside the recent trend of telemedicine. The app was created by international pharmaceutical company MediCane who focuses on medicinal marijuana. Since the pandemic, telehealthcare has been booming and EcoCANN offers medicinal patients 24/7 access to health professionals in the field.

The app launched on July 25th and is already showing promising signs for its future, according to founding partner and CEO of EcoCANN, Yossi Ben Amram.

“The community created in the app makes accessible the benefits of the wisdom of the masses, which include a listening ear and mutual help,” said Amram. “During the [COVID-19 pandemic], we have seen a massive shift of patients using digital technologies in healthcare as well, and so far we have received exciting and enthusiastic responses from app users.”

EcoCANN is a free app that already launched in Canada earlier in 2021. An English version of the app will be available in select markets where the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been legalized. 

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