AROYA Kiosk Increases Info For Cultivators

AROYA Kiosk Increases Info For Cultivators

AROYA recently introduced Kiosk, a new cultivation dashboard for tablets. Their unique software will add accuracy, precision, and speed to cannabis cultivation. The advanced mobile dashboard can display highly accurate measurements in the environment and the substrate. 

This intricate level of information and insights help farmers improve yield by the gram, square foot, and per year. The software can also provide real-time alerts, populate a task schedule, and monitor and adapt the production process as needed. Kiosk security includes PIN-protected access and end-to-end encryption.

AROYA’s goal is to empower cannabis cultivators and growers with a competitive advantage to sell their cannabis and cannabis supplies. The end-user has actionable insights with real-time access to data and end-to-end visibility.

“Putting it together on a single dashboard gives growers all the information they need to make informed decisions that help them cultivate consistently higher quality cannabis and improved grams per square foot per year,” said Philip Malmquist, General Manager of AROYA.

Demand for technology utilizing the Internet of Things – sensors, AI, data analytics – is increasing dramatically. As the cannabis industry grows, the technology to support it must evolve too.
AROYA’s extensive cannabis production platform can provide invaluable information to stakeholders to help them understand and improve cannabis production from seed to sale. New tech features, like a digital, grow journal, recipes, harvest group planning, tasks, alerts, and more can drive consistent, scalable success.

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