Can Smoking Cannabis Everyday Be Harmful To Your Health?

Can Smoking Cannabis Everyday Be Harmful To Your Health?

As cannabis legalization becomes more and more prominent, new research findings are popping up at every turn. A comprehensive review was published Wednesday, January 19, in the journal Addiction, how daily marijuana use is correlated with minor to moderate acute cognitive impairments that can continue even after the intoxication period, according to MedicalXpress. The analysis was administered by the research center of the Institution Universitaire En Sante Mentale De Montreal, located in Canada.

This meta-review, a review of reviews, merged the results of 10 meta-analyses with a total of 43,000 participants. Even though meta-analyses are incredibly significant and valuable, studies caution that they can lead to misleading conclusions saying that “decisions made when designing and performing a meta-analysis require personal judgment and expertise, thus creating biases or expectations that may influence the result.” The study concluded that the acute impairments that come from daily cannabis intoxication consist of:

  • Decision making;
  • Suppression of Inappropriate responses;
  • Memory and Concentration;
  • Time required to finish tasks;
  • Learning through reading and listening.

Per the review, these ailments can occur upon sparking your blunt wraps or hitting your bong and can persist post-intoxication. According to the publication, “recent global changes in the legalization of cannabis suggest that public perception of its safety and acceptability are on the rise.” The report continues by saying, “It is therefore important to understand the cognitive risk involved in using cannabis, especially to young people, whose brains are undergoing significant developmental changes.” We must do more research on marijuana and its effects on the brain and its cognitive properties.

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