Can Technology Improve The Dispensary Experience?

Can Technology Improve The Dispensary Experience?

The cannabis industry is expected to grow by almost 27% over last year in the U.S. As this becomes an established, and even commonplace industry, dispensaries will need to take a hard look at how to provide better customer service.

Technology is one of the easiest inroads to improving customer service. If a dispensary digitizes its menu on tablets throughout the store it can quickly raise customer service ratings, customer interactivity, and customer education.

Unlike printed menus, tablets are easily updated. A tablet can provide the customer with information on brands, content, growth product, and company credibility. This also allows the new customer to explore on their own and reach a comfort level before asking questions they might feel are “dumb.”

More technical details can be provided via tablets — the cannabinoid and terpene content, health concerns, etc. Tablets can also provide a dispensary’s licenses and credentials which can relieve customers of any doubts about the genuineness of their purchase. That means you can check to see if the records of products on the shelves, such as pre-rolled cones.

Tablets are a great in-store marketing tool.  You can easily set up “kiosks” of tablets that can promote and preview new arrivals and brands or anything related to your industry: your licenses, credentials, engaging videos, or in-store promotions.

Perhaps the biggest benefits of digital menus are that tablets attract attention and interest, and are user-friendly. Additionally, tablets can help free up in-store staff for a variety of duties beyond just answering questions.

Digital menus are economical — the call for a one-time hardware investment. Support is typically provided by the manufacturer or, for a small fee, by the retailer.

Dispensaries can take some easy steps forward with technology to ensure long-term growth. Tablet kiosks are a great first step.

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