Is Biofarming The Future of Cannabis Production? New Technology Is Changing The Cultivation Game

Is Biofarming The Future of Cannabis Production? New Technology Is Changing The Cultivation Game

BioHarvest Sciences is at the forefront of a new way of approaching cannabis growth, and could change the worlds of pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Thanks to a major breakthrough in the development of high-density cannabis trichomes, BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel is promising, “a form of cannabis that the world has never seen before.”

Using a technology called Bio-Tricho-Bubbles, BioHarvest is able to reduce the traditional production cycle by nearly 20 weeks. This technique uses the plant only once to create cells, and then grow the active ingredients over 3-4 weeks in bioreactors until the desired biomass is reached.

After the cells are harvested and dried into powder, Bio-Tricho-Bubbles require no major mechanical sifting to separate the trichomes from the flower. 

“Our approach gives us a tremendous edge in the dietary supplements and functional foods markets by availing to the consumer highly efficacious health products at the optimal quality and price,” said Yochi Hagay, CTO of BioHarvest.

“When you talk to medicinal cannabis users, the biggest complaint is, ‘One week I am great.  The next week I go and buy the same cannabis, same strain, and it is different. I don’t feel the same way.’  BioHarvest has been using the same cell reservoir for two years, and there is no reason why we cannot continue,” Sobel says.

“We are all about being the biotech leaders of the plant kingdom while unlocking the hidden secrets of cellular biology when it comes to plants, and translating those secrets into delivering every day human utility value for consumers,” Sobel continued.

This week BioHarvest publishes their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Sustainability framework outlining their commitment and strategy for sustainability, becoming the second cannabis company in the world to do so.

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