Marijuana Farmers Make Their First Harvest For Research Purposes, Ending 50-Year Federal Suppression

Marijuana Farmers Make Their First Harvest For Research Purposes, Ending 50-Year Federal Suppression

Two marijuana businesses have revealed they have harvested their first batch of cannabis for research purposes, ending the 50-year federal prohibition of the practice, according to Marijuana Moment. Before, marijuana was only permitted to be grown for research at the University of Mississippi. The available cannabis product has long been called out for its low quality and minute research potential. The two companies, Groff North America Hemplex, and BRC announced that they are now cultivating and harvesting marijuana plants after receiving the proper registration forms from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

As reported by the report, BRC finished their first harvest in November, and Groff just completed their harvest this week. Per the report, BRC CEO George Hodgin said, “All these steps are incremental steps that lead to our production at BRC, and certainly all of our peers in the federally legal cannabis industry.” CEO of Brighterside Vertical Farms, the company that BRC contracts to grow all the cannabis, said they wanted to show the DEA that “this was something that is possible” and growing marijuana for research is akin to “any other drug ingredient.”

Supporters and regulators have long awaited and complained about better cannabis supplies for research purposes. Along with the influx of cannabis cultivation, analysts will also have access to marijuana from states with legal-markets thanks to a development from the Biden administration and the recent infrastructure bill. The director of the National Institute On Drug Abuse, Nora Volkow, expressed to Marijuana Moment that the increased access would be a “valuable” tool to determine any possible risks marijuana may have on consumers.

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