New Study Shows Marijuana Users Are Successful & Snoop Dogg Weighs In

New Study Shows Marijuana Users Are Successful & Snoop Dogg Weighs In

As marijuana legalization begins to progressively sweep through the nation, there are still long-standing, negative stereotypes about those who choose to smoke a Zig Zag now and again that have contributed to a decade-long stigma to this date. However, new results released August 11, shared with Forbes exclusively, ahead of its official release, aim to debunk these harmful stereotypes forever.

Clearing The Air

Cannabis tech company Dutchie, recently conducted a study of 5,000 adult marijuana consumers from the U.S. and Canada, looking to provide a more accurate understanding of the modern cannabis user. The data revealed that, contrary to the antiquated “Dazed and Confused” perception, today’s marijuana buyers are successful, motivated, and health-conscious people. Co-founder of Casa Verde Capital, an investor in dutchie, West-Coast Rapper, cannabis advocate and enthusiast, Snoop Dogg, weighed in on the matter upon seeing the results saying, “I smoke cannabis, advocate for it on a personal level, but I’m also an investor and entrepreneur. The opportunity in cannabis is clear and this data highlights that consumers are highly educated, with more buying power than these stereotypes would have you believe.”

According to the study, marijuana consumers are highly educated, 54% have a college degree or higher, and more are likely to participate in the workforce than the average American. Ross Lipson, the co-founder, and CEO of dutchie said, “Cannabis consumers are not just stoners: They are high-achieving doctors, lawyers, mothers, teachers, creatives, Olympic athletes, and Olympic commentators.” He continued, “It’s time to set the record straight once and for all. 

Negative stigmas around cannabis–not to mention overcriminalization – must be a thing of the past…People use cannabis to relax and as a crucial element of a health and wellness routine, and we should encourage people to share the benefits cannabis brings for them.” Marijuana users are predominantly female, especially as conversations about women’s health expand to include using cannabis for relief from things such as menstrual pain and to help with sleep or stress.

An Active Lifestyle

The myth of cannabis users as sedentary slackers is simply unfounded, the report suggests. 58% of respondents reported being physically active and enjoying hiking and sports. Additionally, 57% called themselves health-conscious. Overall, these people think cannabis is better for their health than alcohol or tobacco, and many consider it a part of their overall health routine. 

How Does The Modern Consumer Want To Get Their Marijuana?

Legally and through a safe, transparent, and convenient shopping experience. 55% of appellants look to dispensaries for that experience, while 24% prefer to shop online. The back-alley transaction has been replaced by touchscreens and trusted budtenders. 

Lipson says, “Consumers want to buy cannabis legally and conveniently.” He goes on to say, “At dutchie, we’re building best-in-class technology to empower our dispensary partners to make cannabis accessible to all while opening people’s minds to the good that cannabis can do.” To sum it up, the survey suggests that marijuana users are not a monolith, and are a diverse group of intelligent and hardworking contributing community members.  Researchers say no more “Pineapple Express” portrayals, please, “cannabis users are friends, parents, grandparents, stress-relievers, medicinal users, and everything in between.” 

Amazingly, studies such as this are breaking down the negative stigmas and exposing the truth. The data paints a fuller picture of the modern buyer– one that should help normalize cannabis use in the mainstream as legalization spreads worldwide.

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