Study: Infusion & Various Sizes Boosting Growth Of Pre-Roll Sales

Study: Infusion & Various Sizes Boosting Growth Of Pre-Roll Sales

It’s no surprise that a legal market provides customers with better accessibility to cannabis. Consumers no longer have to rely on sketchy transactions to get bud; many options are available in the market these days. For those seeking flower, there are different strains and sizes available. The same goes for concentrates and edibles. You can find precisely what you’re looking seeking nowadays because there are many options.

However, the pre-roll sector has benefited from the comprehension selections the most. In the past few years, the surge in pre-roll demand has undoubtedly driven a portion of the cannabis industry. Though many smokers prefer rolling their own, a significant number of others would rather have it ready to smoke by the time they leave a dispensary.

According to Headset’s analytics manager Cooper Ashley, the pre-roll sector’s seen the most considerable growth in the past two years. Speaking to MJ Biz, Ashley explained that the pre-roll sales have significantly increased between Q1 of 2020 to Q3 of 2022. 

Headset’s data reveals pre-rolls have crossed the $1B mark this year. Comparatively, it more than tripled in sales over the past four years. In 2018, pre-roll sales claimed 7.9% of the market share with $406M in sales. Fast forward to 2022, and the numbers have leaped to $1.5B in sales and 12.7% market share.  

At this point, what’s caused such a massive spike in sales? People are more than satisfied with the direction pre-rolls are going by the numbers mentioned above, but it’s due to the variety of choices on the market. One of the most significant aspects is the variety of pre-rolls available. These days, it’s not hard to find different sizes of joints, as well as a variety of infused products. And while many continue to purchase flower and stuff them in products like ROL cones, it’s clear that the range of sizes and the new products are winning over the masses.

Joint Sizes

Looking at the past few years of the cannabis industry, it became clear that pre-rolls were winning people over. These days, it’s an integral part of every dispensary. There’s more success when options are available, and smokers aren’t limited to simply buying 1-gram joints. Instead, there are different sizes, from half-gram to 1.5-gram pre-rolls, and some are even more enormous. However, joints are slowly following in the footsteps of the cigarette industry. The trend is primarily due to how they’re now sold in packs instead of loose singles — some in two-packs, others in five-packs, and some even 10-packs. It provides more options for the consumer and even better portion control, depending on their preferences. Smaller pre-rolls are rising, too, due to the multi-pack options. It’s a common trend in certain states where cannabis is legal and across Canada.

Similarly, retailers deliver pre-rolls of their own straight from their stores. Through bulk purchases of trim and shake, plenty of dispensaries are packing pre-rolled cones with their in-house pre-roll machines, scaling them, and delivering these products straight to their consumers. 

Another critical factor contributing to the rapid growth of pre-rolls is the availability of infused joints. These are often referred to as connoisseur pre-rolls because they often are infused with highly potent cannabis, as well as wax, rosin, or other concentrates. Frequently, they come in far more excellent packaging for pre-rolls than your average joint. 

Ashley explained that infused pre-rolls have grown exponentially quicker than any other type. Ashley described the trend line as “straight up.”

Though they are more expensive due to the use of concentrate and extracts, they’re also selling out quickly. Lance Mathis, store manager at Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas, explained how infused pre-roll brand Catacombs is selling out faster than they can restock. Because of the flavor, consistency, and potency of these branded pre-rolled cones with flower and concentrates, consumers are trying to purchase pre-rolls before selling out. 

However, there’s also a trend of pre-roll joints infused with live resin, which are more popular than those with distillate. Though many were once afraid of the potency of concentrates, more people recently educated themselves on the different types of concentrates, terpenes, and cannabinoids.
There’s no doubt that businesses are beginning to emphasize pre-rolls, especially as new research reveals that it’s a market worth $1.5B. More people will be starting a pre-roll brand in the future by the way the market is going.

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