The DEA Wants More Cannabis & Psilocybin For Research

The DEA Wants More Cannabis & Psilocybin For Research

The Drug Enforcement Agency posted a notice to the Federal Registry asking for increased production of psychedelics and cannabis for clinical trials and federal research.

In an excerpt of the notice:

“DEA firmly believes in supporting regulated research of schedule I controlled substances. Therefore, the [Aggregate Production Quota] increases reflect the need to fulfill research and development requirements in the production of new drug products, and the study of marijuana effects in particular, as necessary steps toward potential [FDA] approval of new drug products.” 

The DEA’s notice calls for an increase of 500,000 grams of cannabis to approximately two million grams. They ask for psilocybin quotas to be increased from 50 grams to 1,500 grams and for psilocin (a second active molecule in some mushroom species) to be increased from 50 grams to 1,000 grams.

The recommendation points to shifting perspectives around cannabis and psychedelics. Thirty-eight states have medical cannabis outlets, 18 states have adult-use cannabis laws on the books, UCLA has been researching the use of microdoses of psychedelics to treat depression, and Oregon has legalized medical psilocybin therapy.

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