Former Fall River Mayor Guilty Of Cannabis Extortion & Fraud

Former Fall River Mayor Guilty Of Cannabis Extortion & Fraud

Jasiel Correia, the former mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, solicited campaign contributions, bribes from $75,000 to $250,000 in cash, and swindled investors in his app, SnoOwl, out of at least $360,000.

He has been found guilty of all 21 counts of extortion and fraud and now faces a possible 11-year sentence from federal prosecutors. Prosecutors are asking a judge to order Correia to forfeit over $560,000, pay almost $300,000 in restitution to investors, pay more than $20,000 to the IRS.

Correia has appealed the conviction and feels confident he will be exonerated.

“There were no facts that were brought forward, there was no overwhelming evidence. Unfortunately, there was a couple things that didn’t go our way that were technical today and that’s where we’ll be on grounds for appeal and we’ll win that appeal and I will be vindicated, and my future will be very long and great,” said Jasiel Correia.

Prosecutors have argued that Correia is “remorseless and without empathy for his victims.”

“The betrayal of people who considered him like family, the pervasive lying, cheating, stealing, and blame-shifting, and the egregious breaches of the public trust must be met with a sentence that thoroughly repudiates the defendant’s abhorrent conduct and deters both this defendant and others like him from doing it again,” prosecutors wrote.

He was first elected in 2015 at just 23-years-old. In 2019 he was both removed from his Massachusetts office and voted back in during a special election in March.

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