Eighth Icon Rebrands As Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Company

Eighth Icon Rebrands As Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Company

Eighth Icon Holdings is changing its name to Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company. The company has been producing and managing the comedy duo’s cannabis labels and consolidating them with their iconic brand aligns with their mission.

“Along with the name change, we are proud to announce we have also closed our first round of funding,” stated President and Chairman of the Board, Danny Keith.

The newly-named Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company will continue to produce Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Cheech’s Stash wholesale flower brands in California.

“Our team is prepared for the challenge and committed to representing Cheech and Chong’s cannabis across the United States and around the world. This name change allows for clear representation of what our company is executing,” said Jonathan Black, CEO of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company (neé Eighth Icon).

With a head start of several years over most other cannabis brands, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have had time to develop and refine their products. Unlike so many other celebrity-endorsed cannabis endeavors, this was a lifetime commitment for the comedic duo. In 2015, Tommy Chong and his son Paris launched Chong’s Choice. Chong’s wife Shelby sits on the company board in an executive role of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis. 

Also taking a family-oriented approach to the business, Marin was joined by his daughter Jasmine, and son Joey-Dee to work with master growers to sustainably produce an all-natural selection of quality cannabis products and to personally select strains.

“Excited to see the progression of the company, timing is right!” Tommy Chong said. 

Cheech Marin made reference to recent progress like the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, adding, “As we move towards federal legalization, the new name reflects our mission and progress made.”

Providing delivery experiences, Cheech and Chong’s Dispensoria was developed by Eight Icon last year. Cheech and Chong’s Takeout was developed during COVID-19 lockdown amid an unexpected surge for more delivery options.

Tommy Chong survived two cancer battles, which served to reinforce his beliefs about the positive medical benefits of cannabis. 

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